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Thread: Large Ivy Bridge 3570K vs Sandy Bridge comparison.

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    Nice Benches, Eggy88!
    Bring... bring the amber lamps.

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    Great comparison, thanks for the effort

    Good job intel on the die shrink, I know we shouldn't expect much but im surprised they didnt manage to get a little extra performance
    Don't worry guys, i'm s**t at games but I have 500fps!
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    Question I have a Gigabyte P67A-UD7-B3, unfortunately just got it but do not think I can keep it as few things came up so I may have to stick with my CHIV and 090T a little longer

    BUT using the GB P67A UD7-B3 which is the better route at this time

    They are pretty much the same price of $215 cnd (where I am), for all round use. I am guessing 3570K? I would love to figure a way I could keep the board just don't think I can at the moment... But if I can which is the better pick of these 2 alone as that's budget max
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    1 Way to necro topic
    2 Not even ontopic
    3 Did you read this topic?

    Performance-wise the 3570K is the best pick, if the price is ignored / the same. Overclock-wise you'll need good cooling to pump Ivy to the same level.
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    Great review Eggy and many thanks!

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    Many thanks Eggy very good !!!
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