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I got screenshots from support showing where they were measuring vDDR from, however they didnt show which ground point to use. This would indicate they were either using the psu ground or an external ground. When I measured using the memory plane ground I saw +16mv compared to using one of the 24 pin grounds. In my case bios set 1.35v, reported 1.404v idle, sampled 1.399v idle memory plane ground and 1.382/1.384v idle 24pin ground. I have raised this point in my reply to them.

There is no readout for vTT and support have given me nowhere to check it in hardware yet. It is possible that vTT is undervolting and vDDR is overvolting and this could be magnifying the issue. I need to check this next, but will have to ask support for the read point and ground.

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