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Thread: SSD Write Endurance 25nm Vs 34nm

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    SSD Write Endurance 25nm Vs 34nm

    Well, we've started the quest to find out how long an SSD can last.

    I'm using the Kingston SSDNow 40GB, a rebranded Intel X25-V and One_Hertz is using the new 320 Series 40GB SSD.

    I'll be posting updates every day, well, thats my intention at least

    This is the status of my SSD just before the test started.


    My SSD is currently running as the C drive on a laptop and it will continue to do that at least until it's up to 35TB, which is the expected life based on 20GB per day for 5 years.

    So, 1/3 of the drive is filled with static data (W7 x64) an the rest is used for writes. The app fills the drive with random sized files ranging from 1KB up to 12MB in size.
    More than 50% of the files are 128KB or smaller in size.
    TRIM is active.

    I'll be posting the first update within an hour or two, it's almost 24h since I started and thought that an 24hour update would be interesting.

    Summary (in the works)

    16th of May, start of test
    20th of May Ao1 entered the test with a Vertex 2 40GB using 34nm NAND
    21st of May Ao1 produced a chart showing the SF "hang" during deletes (page 3) Link
    21st of May, Vapor on compression Link
    22nd of May, Ao1 summary/thoughts on the SF drive so far Link
    22nd of May, Ao1 tries a Samsung F3 Link
    23rd of May, overthere joins in and explains on Ao1's hIOmon testing Link
    24th of May One_Hertz's 320 is at 26TB
    24th of May Anvil's Kingston (X25-V) is at 22.5TB
    24th of May One_Hertz's 320 got the first reallocated sector
    26th of May, TRIM on Ao1's V2 is now up to 20 seconds. Link
    27th of May Ao1 chart on compression/throttling Link
    Link to white paper on impact of the frequency of writes. (recovery)
    Read disturb
    28th of May, Ao1's V2 started LT Throttling (7 days and 30TB), throughput is down to ~5MiB/s Link (page 10)
    One_Hertz's 320 is at 43TB
    Anvil's Kinston is at 35TB
    30th of May, Kingston moved from Dell Latitute to AMD rig. (41TB, MWI 76)
    We started using random writes "module"
    2nd June, One_Hertz is at 60TB (MWI 70%)
    Ao1 tries to revive the V2, it still throttles. Link
    Discussion on how LTT is regulated, power on hours vs host writes
    4th of June, Kingston is at 50TB MWI 71
    Trendline for MWI exhaustion
    7th of June One_Hertz's 320 78TB (MWI 60) which is 2x the advertised "endurance"
    Ao1 ran the test for 6 hours, write speed 6MiB/s which equals about 500GB per day.
    9th of June Ao1 summary and end of V2 test Link
    11th of June
    Kingston at 70TB, MWI 61
    Intel 320 at 92TB MWI 53
    13th of June Chart on MWI/Host writes Link (page 16)
    15th of June
    Kingston at 81TB MWI 55
    Intel 320 at 107TB MWI 45
    Discussion on Write amplification/wear leveling Link
    16-17th of June, MD5 checking being implemented
    Kingston is at 86TB MWI 52
    Intel 320 is at 113TB MWI 41
    Spec for Crucial 64GB drives is 72TBW (page 18)
    21st of June, One_Hertz performed a full corruption test on his 320, no errors. Link
    Discussion on testing, nand quality
    22nd June
    Kingston at 98TB MWI 46
    Intel 320 at 131TB MWI 32
    Chart by Ao1 on Host writes/MWI Link
    Discussion on SLC, is it dead?
    24-25th of June
    Heated discussion on throttling which resulted in a new thread by Ao1
    Intel 320 142TB MWI 27
    Kingston 107TB MWI 41
    "Up to 20GB Host writes per day for a minimum of 5 years" Link (page 22)
    26th of June Chart by Ao1 Link
    28th of June, Johnw enters the test with the Samsung 470 64GB SSD Link (page 23)
    Discussion on Compression
    29th of June Johnw's drive produces 12TiB in 24hours Link
    Vapor and B.A.T announces they will be entering the test shortly
    30th of June
    Vapor on compression Link (page 25)
    Pause after each loop is introduced.
    Charts by Vapor
    1st of July
    B.A.T started testing the m4 Link
    SMART table for Intel
    SMART table for Micron
    4th of July
    Updated charts (page 29)
    5th of July
    The Samsung 470 sa177 attribute is already down to 1 (~63TiB) Link
    Vapor received the C300 and has issues with SMART attributes, too many? (page 31)
    6th of July
    NAND info found by Ao1 (Intel 25nm, Micron 34nm, Samsung,
    7th of July
    MD5 testing introduced (page 32)
    Updated charts, including C300
    8th of July
    1st week of m4 summary
    The Intel 320 is down to 3% (186.5TiB)
    9th of July
    Image by B.A.T of the NAND on the m4
    Listing of NAND by Ao1
    The Intel 320 is down to 1% (190TB)
    Updated charts (page 34)
    11th of July
    The Samsung 470 is at 110TiB
    13th of July
    I'll be impressed if the Samsung 470 makes it past 200TiB says johnw (page 36)
    Approximate Write Amplification chart added
    15th of July
    C300 is past 50TiB writes + updated charts
    Some drama, My drive (X25-V) dropped out on the AMD rig, moved to an Intel rig for further testing. (162TB)
    m4 is past 100TiB
    16th of July
    Samsung 470 is past 150TiB
    17th of July
    My drive (X25-V) was off for the weekend, no issues.
    The Intel 320 has 48GiB of flash
    Intel 320 is at 217TiB, 24 Reallocated sectors.
    Picture of the 320
    20th of July
    Some info on normal usage (page 41)
    21th of July
    The Samsung 470 is past 200TiB avg speed 112MB/s
    23rd of July
    The X25-V is past 180TB host writes (reallocated sectors at 6)
    24th of July
    X25-V MWI is at 1
    25th of July
    C300 is past 100TiB + updated charts
    nn_step on his Endurance testing (not part of this test)
    26th of July
    m4 entered Bad status state (MWI 10)
    New chart by Vapor
    27th of July
    The app goes Beta
    28th of July
    m4 goes past 3000 P/E cycles
    bluestang started testing the Crucial M225
    29th of July
    m4 shows up as Good as attribute wraps around
    Intel 320 is past 250TB, 33 reallocated sectors
    bluestang needs to use Wiper on the Indilinx drive
    Charts updated
    30th of July
    Vapor got an Vaporized SF-1200 drive w/o LTT
    1st of August
    BAT's m4 got past 200TiB Link
    johnw's Samsung 470 got past 300TiB Link
    4th of August
    Charts updated
    6th of August
    A few bets are on? Link
    8th of August
    Vapor on Wear Range Delta on the SF-1200 Link
    The Samsung is at 999 hours
    10th of August
    Ao1 on MWI on the V2 and the V3 he tested separately Link
    Whitepaper on ECC
    11th of August
    SynbiosVyse entered the test with an Corsair Force 40A Link
    Charts updated
    B.A.T announced that he will be entering the test with an Kingston SSDNow V+ 100 64GB.
    12th of August
    The Samsung is about to go 400TiB
    Adding TRIM to the formula changes WA for the M225, it also broke the 50TiB mark.
    14th of August
    The M225 really flyes on W7, MB/s almost doubled from XP
    Chart posted by Ao1 on recycling (page 52)
    P/E Interleaving/Channels/Dies
    15th of August
    Vapor's C300 is past 210TiB, Vaporized is at 85TiB
    M225 is at 75TiB, Samsung 470 is at 433TiB, m4 64 is at 304TiB, F40A is at 25TiB
    16th of August
    Charts updated
    17th of August
    Calculating WA for the Charts
    M225's Erase failure count from 0 to 1 Link
    Samsung 470 is showing signs of failure at 450TiB and is slowing down Link
    19th of August
    M225 past 100TiB, m4 is past 330TiB
    20t of August
    Samsung has less than a day left? at 472TiB
    There is no LTT on the Corsair F40A (it is past 48TiB)
    A bit of WA
    21st of August
    Samsung 470 is out of the test, 478TiB
    Charts updated
    The X25-V has finally reached 250TiB, it took >3 months.
    22nd of August
    B.A.T started testing the Kingston V+100 64GB
    24th of August
    Intel 320, the speed is increasing (339TB, 69 reallocations)
    25th of August
    m4 is at 375TiB, Kingston V+100 is at 17TiB, C300 is at 255TiB, nLTT = 123, X25-V = 260TB, Corsair F40A = 100TiB (0Fill)
    29th of August
    m4 is past 400TiB and the Kingston dropped out. (was quickly back up again)
    Testing SSFLife
    1st of September
    C300 = 290TiB, nLTT = 126TiB, F40A = 126TiB, m4 = 424TiB, V100+ = 35TiB, X25-V = 280TB, M225 = 190TiB
    (and I've ordred an F3 120GB)
    2nd of September
    Intel 320 40GB 370TB and 85 reallocated sectors.
    4th of September
    M225 reached MWI 0
    9th of September
    X25-V gets past 300TB
    Charts updated
    10th of September
    Development on the Intel 320 series, reallocated sectors from 105 to 4071 (could fail shortly)
    Great post on P/E rating by frostedflakes
    12th of September
    Christopher is looking at candidates for testing...
    m4 is at 511TiB
    14th of September
    jcool lists a X25-E with 580TB Host writes! Notice that MWI is still at 90
    15th of September
    m4 = 532TiB, C300 = 367TiB, nLTT = 226TiB,
    17th of September
    Ao1 lists endurance info from Intel Link
    4K writes 100% span Intel Link (page 68)
    The X25-V drops out on the AMD rig, works fine on the Intel rig?
    4K Endurance?
    19th of September
    Loop write speed (bluestangs M225) Link
    SSDLife predicts that the F3 120GB will last for 6 months 10 days (April 8th 2012)
    20th of September
    Corsair F40A = 190TiB, X25-V = 330TB
    21st of September
    F3 = 35TiB,X25-V = 333TB, both my drives are now running off an Z68 (ASRock) consuming 72W
    22nd of September
    The Mushkin Cronos Deluxe makes it's first appearance Link
    23rd of September
    Intel 320 = 438TB
    SSLife now predicts that the F3 will last for 1 month 20 days.
    C300 = 408TiB, nLTT = 263TiB w MWI stuck at 10 (proved to be normal) Link
    24th of September
    Christopher caught the SF2 bug Link
    It happened to the F3 as well so both SF2 drives are affected by the bug. (mine lasted for 1 week)
    25th of September
    Christopher said about the Mushkin "I don't think this drive is going to die anytime this year" (famous last ...)
    SynbiosVyse's F40A has gone past 206TiB
    The F3 continues to disconnect
    26th of September
    The Mushkin disconnects
    The F3 continues to disconnect
    27th of September
    Factory Bad Block count
    SF2 discussions
    B.A.T secure erased the Kingston after having issues.
    28th of September
    Charts updated
    30th of September
    m4 = 561TiB, Kingston V+100 = 81TiB, X25-V = 355TB, Force 3 = 101TiB, Mushkin Chronos Dlx = 72TiB, Corsair F40A = 229TiB
    1st of October
    C300 = 446TiB, nLTT = 296TiB
    Workloads on Intel drives Link (page 77)
    The Force 3 has been moved to another Z68 w/o results and is now running off an X58 ICH10R
    The m4 gets past P/E 10000
    2nd of October
    command for smartmontools
    1.3.2 fw released for the Corsair
    3rd of October
    The Force F40A died
    The Force 3 lasted for 51hours on the X58 and then disconnected, it is not related to chipsets imo, updating firmware is next.
    4th of October
    johnw checked the Samsung on September 20 and it did not detect and managed to bend the connector, possible data retention failure!
    One_Hertz will check the drive at his lab.
    Jedec spec
    1) The SSD maintains its capacity
    2) The SSD maintains the required UBER for its application class
    3) The SSD meets the required functional failure requirement (FFR) for its application class
    4) The SSD retains data with power off for the required time for its application class
    5th of October
    The Force 3 disconnected again. (completely froze the system)
    Reconfigured the computer to no C states (no power savings)
    Voodoo Science
    m4 = 604TiB, Kingston V+100 = 118TiB, Mushkin = 129TiB, (X25-V) 371TB, Force3 = 149TiB
    6th of OCtober
    Looks like C states combined with the new FW is what it takes to get it stable? (>46 hours without issues)
    New thread created for the SF2XXX issues Link

    Wear Range Delta is a topic (page 82)
    8th of October
    Force 3 > 83 hours without issues
    More on WRD
    SynbiosVyse confirms that the F40A can't be detected.
    9th of October
    The Kingston V+100 drops out again.
    Link on Static wear Leveling
    10th of October
    The boot drive (Force 3 GT disconnected) so test had to be restarted
    The Mushkin has been running for 45 hours w/o issues
    WRD Charts by Ao1
    11th of October
    One_Hertz gives his 320 another week or two (~488TB written)
    12th of October
    Reallocated sectors (4904) are still increasing on the 320
    13th of October
    Windows issues a warning on the 320 as E8 is below threshold.
    Charts on WRD/MWI by Ao1
    M225 Milestone, Erase count is past 1000
    14th of October
    Intel 320 is at 499TB
    Formulas linked by Ao1 (wear leveling/ P/E)
    Force 3 uptime ~94 hours
    15th of October
    Intel 320 500.71 TB. 1 wear leveling reserve left!
    Force 3 uptime 119 hours
    The Intel 320 is still going strong!
    16th of October
    The Kingston V+100 dropped out again
    Formula for calculating life-time
    X25-V has 40GiB of flash. 40GB 320 has 48GiB of flash
    17th of October
    One_Hertz received the Samsung from johnw
    The (X25-V) gets past 400TB
    18th of October
    No disconnects for over a week for the Force 3 (on fw 1.3.2)
    (SF announces that the BUG is fixed?)
    Chart on WRD/MWI by Ao1
    Speed is decreasing on the Intel 320 (down by ~3MB/s)
    The m4 = 700TiB
    19th of October
    The Samsung 470 can't be revived
    B.A.T announces that he will be entering 2 more drives
    21st of October
    (X25-V) 209TB, Force 3 271TiB, Muskin Chronos 207TiB, M224 Turbo 604TB, m4 724TiB, Kingston V+100(offline)
    22nd of October
    The Force 3 is idling to check if WRD changes, no changes were seen during 10 hours of idle time.
    Intel 320 523TB 6977 Reallocated sectors
    23rd of October
    F3 refreshed the drive by moving all data off the drive and then back again. Link
    WRD started decreasing when the test was restarted.
    24th of October
    B.A.T startes testing the Intel X25-M G1 80GB
    B.A.T's MTron SLC fails do co-operate and won't be joining the test (for now).
    25th of October
    One_Hertz initiates a retention test on the Intel 320
    The m4 gets past 750TiB
    27th of October
    The X25-M G1 is slowing down and needs attention to perform.
    * Uploading images is no longer supported on the forum??
    28th of October
    X25-V 431TB, Force 3 336TiB, M225 662TB,
    31st of October
    The Mushkin has had 128 hours uptime,
    The test-rig (Z68) for the Force 3 has been up for 12 days, the F3 has worked for 179 hours
    1st of November
    M225 is past 701TB
    2nd of November
    bluestangs logfile
    3rd of November
    X25-V 446TB, Force 3 383TiB (uptime > 251 hours), Mushkin Chronos 404TiB (uptime 207 hours), M225 722TB,
    4th of November
    Charts by Ao1
    The Mushkin has been running for 240 hours, the Force 3 for > 275 hours.
    The Mushkin has started generating a few more retired blocks
    JEDEC states (on Endurance)
    The Intel 320 is back, no issues. (offline since October 25th)
    The Mushkin starts having issues (at 432TiB)
    B.A.T is back with a new born
    Unfortunately the m4 is bricked, it was disconnected for 9 days and it did not survive, data retention is to blame.
    7th of November
    The thread has had more than 500.000 views
    The Samsung 830 carries a SMART attribute for host writes
    8th of November
    M225 gets past 700TiB
    Kingston V+100 gets past 200TiB, Intel X25-M ~25TiB,
    Link to JEDEC
    9th of November
    Christopher discovers that RRER is below threshold on the Mushkin and this is the cause of CDI is reporting errors (465TiB)
    The Corsair Force 3 is at MWI 10 (which is really 0) at ~438TiB
    10th of November
    The Mushkin died at 475+TiB
    M225 794TB, X25-V 466TB, Force 3 447TiB, Kingston V+100 215TiB, X25-M G1 33.5TiB,
    Small summary by sergiu (on causes of death)
    M225 is past 800TB
    13th of November
    The Kingston V+100 still disconnects, frequently.
    Christopher shows signs of re-entering the test with some drive
    The Force 3 is about to overtake the X25-V (which has been running for almost 6 months)
    15th of November
    B.A.T orders another m4
    The M225 overtakes the m4 on TiB Host writes (768.91TiB)
    17th of November
    Intel 311, just a teaser
    Quick retention test on the Force 3 and the X25-V
    18th of November
    Completed retention testing both drives for 11 + 24 hours, all is well.
    Recovery between P/E cycles (linked by Ao1)
    M225 gets past 800TiB
    The Force 3 gets past 500TiB
    19th of November
    Intel 320 -> 573.3TB. 7424 reallocated sectors (page 109)
    Kingston V+100 263TiB, X25-M G1 68TiB
    The Kinstson has issues and has slowed down to 1/3 of it's original speed, < 30MiB/s
    21st of November
    The M225 is reported dead? it is later revived (823TiB, 905TB total)
    It *fails* the MD5 test later that day.
    bluestang had a power outage, it still works
    25th of November
    The X25-V gets past 500TB
    30th of November
    Intel 320 604TB, Force 3 604TiB, X25-V 515TiB, M225 846TiB, X25-M G1 80TiB
    (The Force 3 is having another retention test today)
    1st of December
    Christopher announces that he will be entering with an Samsung 830 64GB
    2nd of December
    The Force 3 survived the 54 hour retention test.
    5th of December
    The battle of the... is about to start (Samsung 830 + Crucial m4)
    The M225 has issues having idled the weekend
    M225 struggles again and it's close to 1PB
    First update on the Samsung 830 and the new m4 64GB
    M225 876.17 TiB (963.36 TB) total, bluestang will babysit the little drive

    (page 116/117)


    Updated charts

    Host Writes So Far

    Normalized Writes So Far
    The SSDs are not all the same size, these charts normalize for available NAND capacity.

    Write Days So Far
    Not all SSDs write at the same speed, these charts factor out write speeds and look at endurance as a function of time.

    Host Writes vs. NAND Writes and Write Amplication
    Based on reported or calculated NAND cycles from wear SMART values divided by total writes.


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    So the entire drive is being used, so no extra space for wear leveling? Either way, very interested in results.

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    There is always at least 12GB of empty space. My conditions are very similar except that I don't have my windows running on the drive (I did place 11GB of static data on it to compensate). I am having some difficulties with the PC I am using for this crapping out so I am not going 24/7. Maybe 18h a day due to BSODs. I am only at 1.5TB so far.

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    24 hours

    This is the application thats running the show, a bit of info for the current session

    Looks like my setup produces 2.7-2.8TB per day.

    CDI shows that E9 Wear-out has gone from 99 to 97 in 24 hours, lets see how that attribute develops the first few days/weeks.
    Nothing else has changed.


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    very interesting! cant wait to see how this pans out...
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    So worst case of 4K 100% random, full span = 5TB
    20GB a day normal use x 5 years = 35TB
    2.8TB a day/ 35TB = 12.5 days

    This is going to be interesting

    Is the drive slowing down a lot?

    Anvil is that app something you made? Is it going to be the platform for the benchmark tool as well?

    @ One_Hertz, does your drive have TRIM?

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    Very eager to see the results of this!

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    Yeah, it's the app I've been developing, it started out as a small utility for importing iometer result files and now it includes a storage benchmark and a lot of WMI stuff, I've been adding some SMART stuff as well but that part isnt ready yet.

    A download link is coming your way soon
    (maybe this week)

    It doesn't look like it's slowing down, we'll see later tonight, will be posting an update at about 5TB Host Writes.
    (there has been some development on the SMART attributes, nothing alarming though)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ao1 View Post
    @ One_Hertz, does your drive have TRIM?
    Yep it is in a W7 machine with TRIM. I am at 3.2TB now and my wear indicator just changed to 99. My drive is not slowing down.

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    How are things running?

    I'm past 5TB Host Writes, will post an update soon.

    I've been checking a few things wrt SMART attributes on the Kingston vs the X25-V and they are identical as to what attributes are reported.
    There was a question at the Intel forum about attributes E2-E4 on the Kingston V40 as it was showing 0xFFFF (65536) on my drive and apparently there was an issue with the log, I ran smartmontools and it looks like it cleared the condition.

    Anyways, those attributes are not reported by any of the Intel SSD Toolboxes and afaikc they don't mean squat on the old series (as in not being documented), I even updated from 02HD to 02M3 on one of my Intel X25-V's and it didn't change a thing,

    Smartmontools r3317 disagrees with earlier versions and is reporting
    E2 (226) as : Workld_Media_Wear_Indic
    E3 (227) as : Workld_Host_Reads_Perc
    E4 (228) as : Workload_Minutes

    I'll check whether those values makes sense on the Kingston, the Kingston will need to stay at 02HD though

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    Time for an update.

    I stopped the process for 2 minutes just to check if it would mean better performance *if* I added a small pause everytime files were deleted, it didn't and so no changes will be done in this regard.


    47 hours and a few minutes.


    So, ~5.2TB in 47 hours.
    Re-Allocated sectors have increased from last time from 1 to 2
    E9 Media Wear-out has changed from 97 to 96

    E2-E4 are now showing "something" but what


    I'll check out the latest "smartmontools" and I might give it a try if there are "issues" with CDI.
    Intel SSD Toolbox is probably the better option.

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    I've caught up to you in writes but my wear indicator is at 98 with all other parameters not having any changes. I guess I don't feel as if there is anything interesting going on yet. Probably nothing interesting will happen at the very least until 30-40TB mark. I do not expect it to last past 100TB, but we will see.

    p.s. I'm using the latest Intel Toolbox to read SMART parameters.
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    My guess is even a lowly x25-v will not substantially slow down until 3 times as much as the usual 20gb/day number. 100+ TB before substantial slowdown.
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    storage: samsung 2tb f3
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    So roughly 1.3TB per 1% wear out for the X25-V= 130TB.

    Quite impressive that it is writing 2,867GB a day without significant slow down. (Especially considering the write workload).

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    Quote Originally Posted by One_Hertz View Post
    I do not expect it to last past 100TB, but we will see.
    Interesting, some hours of considerations made you to change your mind to no way to maybe. The way things are going even 150TB is believable.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ao1 View Post
    So roughly 1.3TB per 1% wear out for the X25-V= 130TB.

    Quite impressive that it is writing 2,867GB a day without significant slow down. (Especially considering the write workload).
    Mine got 1.65TB per wear, 16GB free space.

    I will place my drive too in the coming months. That may give a different outcome.

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    Its incredible really. A 40GB drive is writing 71 times its capacity a day. The 320 has less PE, but can cache writes to offset wear. So far it looks like half the wear on the 320 compared to the X25-V for the same amount of writes.

    What will be really interesting is how much more the drive can write when the wear out indicator gets to 1. I suspect the wear out indicator is based on an arbitrary PE value as opposed to the actual PE capability of the NAND. Should soon see though.

    Someone should try this on an SF drive to see what happens. Anvil are the randomly generated files compressible?

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    The files are compressible, they are filled with "garbage" but that's not a problem, I've already done whats needed for selecting compression level for the SF controller.

    So far one can select
    - 0-Fill
    - 8% (Databases are normally in this area)
    - 25%
    - 46% (Apps, dll's,...)
    -100% (Incompressible)

    I did actually look at todays offerings and found the 60GB SF on special offer at $140 which is extremely cheap considering the prices in Norway.
    I'm just wondering whether I'm up for it or not, it does require a bit of attention and the SF drives would require a lot of work compared to other drives that don't throttle.

    It would be interesting to know how fast one would reach full throttle and if full throttle is bearable.
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    hmmm...would be very interesting to see the results....Nice work...
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    I can pick up a V2 40GB drive really cheap. I'm hesitant however. If throttling kicks in it will take forever so I don;t want to do it on my main pc. I'll scrat around and see if I can build a pc from spare parts.

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    That would be really great

    And No, you don't want this thing running off your main computer, even though the computer is still *very* responsive it's just to much of a hassle.

    I expect the 40GB would be on par with the X25-V initially (depending on compression level), a mix of all levels would be preferable and is not a problem.

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    Subscribed. I'd like to see if you really will kill it in two weeks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jowy Atreides View Post
    Intel is about to get athlon'd
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    So 5TB roughly = 4%...
    I'd say the drive should perform well enough even after 50TB in this case. And the death would occur after 125TB. At least according to the current results. So much for 15TB endurance claims... We'll see, though.

    Edit: the wear speed should accelerate due to dying cells and thus, spare area getting smaller over time, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jayhall0315 View Post
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    Ok, I've ordered a 40GB Vertex 2E, whatever that is. I'd guess 25nm, but will take it apart before I start to find out for sure. Should have it tomorrow.

    Anvil, can I use your tool with the exact same config you and one_hertz are using?

    If write speeds end up being ridiculously slow I may abort.

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    Sure, I'll e-mail you later today.

    This is going to be really great, at least we will find out a bit more about throttling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metroid View Post
    Interesting, some hours of considerations made you to change your mind to no way to maybe. The way things are going even 150TB is believable.
    "No way" was in regards to 1PB, or 1000TB. 100TB was always a maybe

    I am at 6.X TB with 97 wearout indicator. So far the 320 I have is doing 2gb+ per point of the wearout indicator value.

    Ao1 - I highly doubt the sandforce controller will let you do this... It will just slow down to the point where the drive is not usable. Does secure erase reset things on these controllers?
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