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Thread: Loop order!!!

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    Loop order!!!

    Hi girls an guys,

    My question is really simple, which loop will provide the best cooling performance? Here is the data and a picture.

    Components to be cooled:
    CPU (will be overclocked)
    Two GPU's (will be overclocked)

    Loop components:
    All rads are 480 mm
    The pump is high performance
    All blocks are high flow certified, so no restriction

    Your help will be much appreciated.
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    I would say either A or D, but ultimately the order has little effect on the performance of your loop. Flow rate has more of an effect on how well your loop cools than the order of your components. The water, or coolant, in your loop pretty much acts as a single entity.
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    I would go with whatever gives you the shortest loop without any tight bends
    provided flow rate is good order doesn't really matter as the water shouldn't heat up much more than 1c as it goes round the loop

    although if you wanted to run the pump at a lower rpm or the gpu were sucking 500w each with vmods then the water would probably get a bit hotter on the way round making the last component a bit hotter than it would be with rads between components

    so i would probably go c but without the vrm block on the mb restricting flow
    they may say high flow but they will all be adding there fair share of restriction
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    A or D
    adding another pump an option?
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