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Thread: Solution to cool down an L5639 to process some big chunks of data

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    Solution to cool down an L5639 to process some big chunks of data

    Hi guys I have a EVGA X58 Classified Mobo ( not too sure since I left it in my parents home collecting dust and I've been using a laptop since then ) and had some experiences with water before.

    Thing is that I've had two Eheim pumps fail on me ( bought 2x 1048's) and since I'm quite clumsy with my hands and my experiences with self assemblies with WC weren't always pleasant/tidy/functional, now I need a reliable box to process a large chunk of data.
    I wont be overclocking the cpu so I don't need anything special. It needs to :

    -be able to arrive to Key Biscayne( via Amazon Prime) as fast possible , maybe max delivery would be Saturday.
    -Should not be very valuable ( there would not be someone that would receive the item)
    -Should not be big like many extreme HS.

    Links of my failed/abandoned setup




    The idea of this purchase is to have something that would allow me to make use of my hardware without having to worry while at work or uni if I have a leak or a related issue.

    Why not buy it locally? Given that the socket as you guys know is not precisely new and this is what I have I want to use what I already have + the 24 gigs of ram and the 840 evo.

    I was considering this . Since it's small and apparently should fit.

    What do you guys think ? I live in latam and access to hardware is super limited and need to do this for a project . Given a friend of mine has his dad in the US for work for a few day I want to find a solution.

    Concerning ambient temp we will be having like 77F or so .

    I've posted this in HF's. I was thinking that an alternative would be anti king springs and a pump ( which one?) and some hoses locally(?)
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    Looks like the CM 212 Evo is even cheaper. I here great things about that cooler.
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    Don't use a top-down cooler unless it's a small ITX or 1U rack build, they're much worse than tower coolers.

    I second the Hyper 212 evo. If it's too big for your case, choose a smaller tower cooler.

    The L5639 isn't a particularly hot CPU though, I used to crunch 24/7 on a L5638 with a stock intel 1366 cooler.

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