I purchased a 600T white case from a computer store that was 2hrs away. The box was sealed like normal and wasn't damaged. Apparently though this was a demo model that I got took on because it's missing several things and has a different brand fan installed in the front.

I went ahead and ordered some parts it was missing because they were cheap enough and I felt it was faster doing this then dealing with the rma dept.

I ordered the pci slot cover kit (the only one in the case was for the usb cable passthrough). It was delivered complete.
I also ordered the Accessory kit because there were no screws and the keys were missing for the side panel lock. It was delivered with no keys and what ever the two large rings are to the left of the keys on the store picture were also not in the accessory kit straight from Corsair.

Now for the rest of the case problem:
Missing a complete hard drive cage with the hd slides that hold the actual hard drive and any thumb screws for the cages are also missing.
The front fan isn't even a Corsair fan it's a Cooler Master (which wouldn't bother me if the lower hard drive cage would actually slide into place fully. The fan is too thick)
The side panel had the mesh installed with no window or molding in the box.

I don't know what can be done about this I've been waiting on a response back from Corsair for two weeks via their email. I just now sent in a support ticket and tried to edit it but can't even get passed the login on the force page now. So I have emailed the force support also in this mater about now being able to update my ticket.

It wouldn't have been too big of a deal if I had gotten what I ordered via the Corsair store but now that those items weren't even complete I'm having to contact Corsair about the whole problem now. Hopefully I will receive and answer and help from somewhere.