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Thread: Cross by Red Harbinger

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    Cross by Red Harbinger - First benches/temperatures

    Here I am with a new project
    As some of you might know, ever since I finished the L3p D3sk project all 6 of us have been busy with the company named Red Harbinger. This team exists out of these great persons.

    First project ... to improve, re-design and compatibilize the L3p D3sk.

    This will be completely different compared to my other buildlogs..
    It's the build of the first prototype available for the market soon.
    I thought, if I have to test it anyway....
    why not make a buildlog and use this opportunity to get as much as possible input from you readers.

    Please keep in mind this is a prototype.
    Few things we already changed months ago in the design but aren't in this prototype yet.
    - Leg height 2 1/2" lower
    - Illuminating the legs
    - Lots of small things
    - Got a dual system version, should've been single

    So here we go!
    Can you imagine how excited I was after 12 months having this in front of my door?

    Right after unpacking it, just had to see how it would look like

    'Few' hours later.


    1. Unpacking the desk
    2. Renders
    3. Cross buildroom
    4. The hardware part 1
    5. The hardware part 2
    6. Inspecting the prototype
    7. Installing the prototype
    8. Modding the prototype
    9. The hardware part 3
    10. Tubing and filling
    11. Before the event
    12. Firstlook 2012
    13. Back to Cross
    14. Modding continues
    15. Monitormountmod
    16. Final adjustments
    17. Final pics

    Sponsors & Partners

    Red Harbinger / Cross FAQ

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    Jaw dropping indeed... Great work! I love it... As for suggestions I'll wait for the work-log to see the insides in more detail.

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    How much cost this?

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    it looks awesome i like it.
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    i like it
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	cuteEyeLashes.jpg 
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    So you modded your car too.
    Good job!

    Althought 1984$ might be bit expensive over here, it's a fine piece of hardware and all the CAD engineering work behind it well deserves the price.
    Good luck!
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    First of all, again want to remind you this is a prototype.


    So .... there it was.
    No idea what the actual weight was incl all glass panels and some other stuff I needed.
    I think around 90-100Kg.
    I was 'home alone' and tried pulling/pushing it, but didn't move an inch.

    5 minutes later it even started to rain

    Since there wasn't a neighbour available either I came up with a thousands of years old idea.
    It worked pretty well :P

    My heart still bouncing. Package was just as big as my couch.

    First top package contained these panels for the legs (old design) and the glass for the shelf.
    (Other top package contained some hardware you'll see later)

    Glass for the shelf connected to the legs.
    It has a frosted bottom and rounded edges.

    And a lasered logo on top.

    The big package exists out of 3 smaller boxes. Top one contains the desk itself and all smaller stuff needed for the desk.

    As you can see the desk will come partly assembled.

    Second level contains the big top glass panel

    With a frosted bottom edge, also a small logo and off course rounded edges.

    The third and last box contains the assembled legs, backside cover (where PSU and all cables go), and the panel between the legs for more stability.
    (This panel got a great improvement in the next prototype on looks and stability, you'll see it later)

    Unpacking the small stuff.

    Leg and backside cover on the background.

    Unboxing the desk.

    Back side.

    It's incredibly huge ... I knew the size but still the only word that came up in me was WOW!

    Well.. I was still on my own, so had to find a way to lift it on the legs just for a few photos

    Really love this color and way of powdercoating.
    Off course it will be available in many colors/finishes.

    The grommets!
    Well I got a few spares I guess.

    The switches. What color do you guys prefer?

    My choice is black/red led

    Glass panel on top of the desk. (Still without rubber seal)

    As you guys can see it's pretty high, we lowered the next prototype about 2 1/2".

    I found a good purpose for that quite unhandleable box

    Tomorrow I'll post some (concept) renders we're busy with incl. the monitor stand.

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    Well I got some questions about the possible colors and the monitor stand.
    Maybe this post will make some things clear.
    There's also a render coming up with all the in and outside measurements in mm and inch to answer some of your questions.

    These were made by perfect cooperation between Shawn and Scott
    First of all an exploded view of the prototype I have here.

    And the HDD bracket I personally won't be using for this build but will be in the standard desk.

    Our plans are to have the desk in a few standard colors.
    However there is an option to order the desk completely color-customized.
    So this render is just to show what parts could be in your own custom color.

    The monitor stand.
    This is still just a concept, but we're working on it

    Also a concept we're busy with.
    Don't ask for details

    And some renders of a white desk with concept reservoirs.

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    This is simply the greatest desk/case I have ever seen... I don't think calling it amazing or fantastic does it justice.

    I would seriously buy one of these, but I would imagine with such quality and innovative design conception there will be a steep price attached.

    The screen stand is a brilliant idea, I would hate to put a messy desk stand on that beautiful glass.

    Can't wait to see the price of the white one, and hopefully I can be one of your first buyers.

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    wow, that is a serious job you've undertaken.

    I find the idea of a case-desk which easily opens for maintenance to be interesting. but if it is just for looks, and if it is a hassle, it wouldn't be so good.

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    Now all that's missing is the in-glass keyboard... wow.
    SMH10 Project Starting Soon

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    Been a while since we're all very busy.

    First of all I want to thank Youri Vandevelde!
    From the very start he has been a Red Harbinger 'fan' and he made a FAQ by gathering all questions and answers from all forums and facebook.
    Red Harbinger FAQ
    Also added this link to the topic start and will be updated constantly.
    If you have any other questions ... shoot

    We had a lot of changes in the desk.
    Example of only 10 of the 40 changes of the last 5 weeks.

    - Less screws on the vanity plate/leg plating.
    - Have a stand-off PEM under the top and middle portion of the right side tray to prevent sagging.
    - PEM's on inside of legs to attach the bottom leg rest, top to chassis, and rear to backplate.
    - Added faster bottom access panel removal/install option.
    - Tube holes near cpu just as high as the holes in the middle/bridge.
    - Center bridge monitor cabling section has a screw in the way.
    - 5.25" slots too narrow cause of powdercoat.
    - HDD tray hole covers
    - Fan connector space on left and right.
    - Grommet holes beneath 5.25" trays.

    Lots of things you find out once you have a prototype to test.

    For this specific build I also have a small problem
    The prototype intended for me to test appeared to be a dual pc desk.
    Wouldn't have been a problem except there were no single pc desk 'firewall' and 'HDD-tray'.
    Manufacturing a single set in the US with the same powdercoat and sending it to Holland would be too expensive.
    So decided to build a dual pc desk .. Need to be tested anyway.
    Still need to arrange the hardware but that will hopefully work out.

    Off course I also needed a place to build and test this desk....

    When I just took the picture from this corner my wife ... never mind .... no option

    Attic? Nah, need to tidy it up then. Now I know exactly where everything is
    (It is a bit cleaned up as we speak though)

    Last option ... the spare room.


    After moving the desk upstairs it did get a bit crowded.

    Went shopping for some cabinets.

    Assembled the legs to make it more firm.
    (This design has already been changed, improved and lowered)

    Firm enough for now.


    First thing to test ... mainboard layout

    And off course sitting behind it after a long day.

    This weekend more about the to be used hardware and watercooling.

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    Here a first look on the hardware and watercooling to be used.
    Sorry for the amount of photos, because the prototype got here later then expected I had some time to do all this in front

    First the package from
    In love...

    And 2 pumps from a previous project.

    Fillports for the 'Firewall' and a tube test sample.

    And more tube.

    A flowmeter I can't live without anymore

    Thanks Freddy!

    The package from Cooler Master.
    1500W dual rail!

    And the fans with red lighting.

    Thanks Marco en Ruud!

    Quite some extension cables going into a pc this size.
    BitFenix wanted to help me out on this.

    And did a small order from Highflow, had a small idea

    I'm satisfied.

    Thanks Lester!!

    Also an incredible package from Corsair.

    Back when I had all time in the world

    Ordered 3 extra, not for performance, for the looks.

    Thanks Gareth!

    And some extra products I ordered.
    The first prototype RF RGB ready-to-go LED-kit for the desk

    And off course a socket.

    Which I made smaller to fit inside the desk.

    Raid card with external ports.
    Works perfectly in a 'desk' build, no cables in sight.

    And some extra accessories cause of cable length/management.


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    Props for taking on an amazing project. Id be very interested in purchasing one if they ever become for sale.
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    Just a thought, why not have the ability to put radiators, and res in the legs of the desk and have the lines be able to run the lines up and underneath the components and come out at selected points to attach to the hardware? Make it into 2 sections. The top slot will show off and hold the components, and have a 2nd "hidden" slot below tho to run and hide cables, wires, water lines, ect. Have the bottom on the 2nd slot drop down and allow complete access to everything from below.
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    Thanks for the comment and compliment!
    That's indeed a cool idea, however we would have to change the complete design of the desk and the legs for that. No option at this moment

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    That is absolutely amazing. I can't wait to see more progress.

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    We've been really busy with the final design the last 4 weeks again.
    The last week I've been busy with this particular build too.
    Bit of a weird buildlog for me too cause some photos are already here for months
    Also because I decided to do the dual-pc-build a few weeks ago.
    I completely understand some people want to see some desk photos but first have to show the hardware cause they will be in the next photos with the desk too.
    This week there will be multiple updates, already got 100+ pics waiting of the desk

    So first a last hardware post, then some first 'fails' in the desk and some build/block mounting pics.

    Asus package.

    Love the size.

    Somehow those aircoolers got something...

    Thanks a lot Asus Benelux and specially Rogier!

    Lamptron package.

    Also for next 're-builds'

    Comes out handy with the Bitfenix extension cables.

    Was going to use 2 controllers but because I'm using 2 pc's it will now be one.

    Thanks Lamptron!

    And the ultra package EKWB.

    Still like acrylic most.

    But have to say these look awesome!


    Pump tops.

    All unpacked.

    Mounting the pumps.

    Changing for stainless steel bolts.

    Test cause I was (back then) bored

    Package that arrived later.

    This build will have 4 EKWB reservoirs since our own reservoir isn't ready yet.

    And extra fittings for the reservoirs and 2nd pc.

    All together.

    Gregor ... again ... your awesome!

    And from Cooler Master for the 2nd pc.

    Love these PSU's!

    Also thanks again a lot Marco and Ruud!

    Corsair also insisted on doing something extra.
    I can work with this

    For the 2nd pc.

    Already have a cool plan for the speakers.

    Don't have much to compare, used a Cambridge 4.1 set for over 10 years and have a Bose 2.0 set now.
    I can say the sound is WAY better, and twice more volume

    Corsair also thanks enormously!!

    On to the pics of the desk and block mounting!
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    I wouldn't even know where to start on this project. Great pics and can't wait to see more progress.

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    Awesome build! The photo taker has got some skills!

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    Thanks guys!

    The first inspection of the desk.
    This was so important for us, some times I forgot to take pictures for the buildlog.
    Here are the first issues I walked into, we're human too
    (All these things have been changed in the new design)

    Again this is a real old design of the legs, still had to test some stuff for the acrylic.

    A weld at the top of the desk .. oops, the cover wont fit like this..

    And a funny one .. the holes and grommets for tube or fillports to big.
    This should have been changed but slipped through.

    Without a grommet the fillports fall through.

    I'll find something on that for now.

    Also a funny one, after assembling the supports they aren't horizontal.

    PSU mount fits almost every PSU ... except this one .

    HDD trays really look good, personally won't use them in this build.

    When I removed them.. oops .. no covers.

    Also raised all fan/rad holes, more space for cable management.

    And me as the only European in the team.
    Off course the other side of PSU plug fits, but for in case people want to have their power socket inside.
    Sometimes pretty exhausting... "what if they"...

    Personally going to use these instead of the PSU mount. Less noise and easy to move.
    We will supply these too.

    Inspecting the desk, best is to just start building a pc inside.
    So lets start with the fans and rads.
    For this setup I needed over 160 bolts and nuts

    Back rads.

    Side rads.

    Lighting not overdone, I like the Cooler Master fans.

    Another way to feed your PC.

    Lets take care of some working light

    And installing some grommets.

    Here I was still planning to do a single pc build, still had all the space for 2 fan controllers.

    Pump controller from previous project for the looks

    Rads seem to be brown with flasher on.

    Had a spare fanguards, might be nice to keep it there.

    This is something I'm REALLY happy with in the design.
    In my previous desk it took me dozens of hours cause I didn't have this.

    The first cables.

    The bridge also has mounting options for 12x2.5" HDD/SSD.
    Personally I'm not going to hide them.

    And the rubbertape for under the glass panel that will be used to protect from scratching, breaking and noise.

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    Mounting blocks ... love it!

    First the mainboard.

    And the cards on it for a picture..

    Added some extensions.

    Glad I took time to test the hardware in front

    Ordered an EK-Bridge for the GPU's

    Never used them before.

    I like it.

    Cut out the grommets.

    And put them backwards in the 'firewall'

    Seems the BP fillports stay in place perfectly now.
    In the new design the holes and grommets have been changed.

    First fittings in place.

    The mess.

    Might be an idea for a drainpoint in the bottom later.

    Another funny thing ..... Glad this will be solved with the rubbertape under the glasspanel.

    First cables and extensions.

    Flipped all fans from rear radiators. (again 64 bolts...)
    Did this so the airflow from the fans work with the PSU flow.

    3M Velcro for the RGB controller

    Found her spot
    Feeds for the fancontroller and pump on their spots

    Powersocket for 2 PSU's, screens and speakerset.

    Adjusted the cable length.

    RGP plug brought to other side of desk too.

    Preview with 'PSU-cover'

    A solution for the missing HDD-bay covers .. and a nice spot for the ssd's since I'll be using the other side of the desk for another pc now.

    Simple ..

    But effective

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    And another update with quite some photos

    Unpacked the reservoirs and put them on their spot.

    Also some more changes in the prototype .. more grommets for itx and m-atx.

    Starts to look like something.

    Also cut the heatfins again.

    I personally like it.

    Also an idea for the speakers.
    I know speakers should be positioned in front but tested it and I don't notice it

    Coincidence the finish of the sub is exactly the same as the desk powdercoating.

    First some extra holes for the fan/pump controller.
    Next prototype will have some mainboard grommets there.

    Glad those trays are aluminum

    Building in the speakers.

    There won't be any cable visible from the speakerset when I hide the sub + all cables in the legs.


    Adjusting the speakers for long M4's

    And finishing it.

    Too bad the cone is blue, anyone any idea if cones are paintable?

    A solution so the fancontroller and RGB controller are ALWAYS on, no matter if there's one or two pc's running

    Works perfectly

    Extra power/reset buttons.
    Next proto there will probably be a bracket here.

    Also finished the holes for pump/fan cables.

    For this build I will seal the unused 5.25" slots. Next proto this will be different.

    The glue will be transparent when dried.

    Cut away some in the grommets, looks better.

    And some further again.

    Still in love with the bottom mainboard covers

    Time to move on with all sata cables.

    Also found out I didn't have sata extension cables yet for the right system.

    So ordered them too.

    For the SSD rack I will use cheap Velcro, I would damage the SSD's with 3M velcro when removing them

    Works perfect.

    Because we didn't have PCI-covers yet I ordered these.

    Because I chose real thick radiators because I thought I was going to do a single pc build I'm having small problems finding a spot for the second PSU.

    Sleeving the yellow sata extension cables

    Lets first use some black isolation tape.

    Even if you only see 3cm .. .yellow .. no way

    Also used the rubbers for the second PSU.

    Lovely music while modding

    Securing the pumps.

    Tube ready to go, first fittings find their spot.

    Had to remove mem again, quite narrow to get the fittings in properly

    And a little further again.

    Ok ... and then 11 days ago Asus requested if they could show 'Cross' on the Dutch Firstlook 2012 Event... not as a desk but built in their stand.
    Off course, I was so honored! This only happens once a year!
    And ... if I could built in the Maximus V Formula....
    I did agree off course, been some real busy days the last week.
    So at this moment I'm a bit behind on the log, so some photos could show up but will make this up this week!
    For who does have pictures .. please hide them for a while

    (I did ask them to step away )

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    This week 2-3 updates

    Because the desk had to be running and presentable I still needed some things quickly.

    Because of the 4 reservoirs and 2 systems I needed more tube and stopfittings.
    Thanks again for the nice discount Freddy!

    And from Mayhems.

    And something I had here already a while to flush my other desk, that'll have to wait

    Love experimenting.


    Thanks for all the support Michael!

    Also needed for the second pc, again Bitfenix extensions.

    And something new I got from EK.

    My first CSQ design block.

    Again thanks a lot Eddy en Gregor!

    The package I got 3 days before the event.

    Very nice and complete package.

    Ready to swap.

    I do like it.

    Rogier .. TOP!
    Tomorrow another update with tubing and filling.

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    I'm in love

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