I'm doing well dude, really well. I have a little family now, and as of Friday I have internet access at home again (first time in almost two years)

I'm actually busy with an article on keeping your page file on an SSD and need to show just how much abuse an SSD can actually take. I've personally had my page file on my current SSD (Intel 320 Series) since I got it in 2012 and so far it's only had 99.5 TB writes over the last 6.5 years and still has a lot of life remaining according to the SMART info and HDSentinel. I'm destroying a few 120GB SSDs to show that at a typical 40GB writes per day it'll outlast its useful life. Anvil's utility is the best option I can find for quickly killing an SSD, so it's running at the moment. 15TB writes to the first victim which is rated at a 70TB life and I've only dropped 3% health - I reckon it'll do several times the 70TB.

Anyway, enough about me. How's life treating you?