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Thread: [Review] 4 Tecnofront Reservoirs from Italy !

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    Lightbulb [Review] 4 Tecnofront Reservoirs from Italy !


    today, I'd like to present four reservoirs by the Italian company Tecnofront.

    The following reservoirs are part of this review:

    1.) Tecnofront iTrap Reservoir
    2.) Tecnofront Visual Flowmeter Reservoir
    3.) Tecnofront Challenge X1 Reservoir
    4.) Tecnofront Challenge X2 Reservoir

    This time's test system is made out of the following components:

    - Pump Sanso PDH054 (also called "The Monster", providing almost 1 bar of pressure)

    SANSO PDH 054 12V Attacchi filettati - Ybris Cooling

    - Aquacomputer cuplex Evo Rev.1 CPU waterblock
    - Mips Fusionblock NB + PWM
    - EK Waterblocks cooler for the Radeon HD 3870
    - Radiator BlackIce GT Stealth 240
    - Aquacomputer flow-meter Highflow
    - Aquacomputer Water-Temp.-Sensor
    - Masterkleer 16/10mm tubing
    - Magicool Filter
    - Perfect-Seal-fittings and 1 or 2 Bitspower angled fittings (depending on the reservoir)

    In this setup, the Sanso provides a flow of max 275l/h with a reservoir by Magicool as a reference, which doesn't reduce flow at all.

    Before starting, I'd like to state that I was very happy with the quality of the material and the build quality. The black and white Delrin, together with the tinted top, were flawless. Every hole was deburred:

    Even the holes in the Delrin didn't just get a thread cut into them, but had extra threads mounted inside of them, so that they're supposed to survive more than just cut threads:

    Another idea I really liked: the holes used for filling are set lower than the rest of the reservoir, so that it's harder to spill:

    The reservoirs all came in the same, ecologically meaningful, two-part simple cardboard box:

    The scope of delivery includes a set to mount the reservoir in the case and two barbed fittings (the Challenge X2 comes with 4), made out of plastic and remind me of the popular Perfect Seal-fittings:

    -can be mounted in three different sizes of holes: 3, 5 and 7mm diameter
    -scope of delivery: 2 barbed fittings for tubing with 10mm inner diameter, mounting material

    A simple, yet clever system is supposed to help the reservoir to get rid of the air in the loop quickly and without problems. A water level shown on the front has to be maintained for this, but let's just get some impressions for illustration:

    The top opening is used to fill the reservoir. You can also use a lighting module instead of the sealing cap after filling to create some nice effects.
    Even though the reservoir is comparably small, it was quickly able to get all the air out of the system, even providing better flow, which got to 278l/h.

    Here's a little action video of the Tecnofront iTrap in action:

    YouTube - Tecnofront iTrap Reservoir Ausgleichsbehaelter AGB

    2.) The second candidate is called Visual Flowmeter Reservoir, offering the following specs:

    - 105 x 68 x 42 mm
    - G1/4"-threads
    - Can be mounted with 6 (3 per side), 3mm diameter holes
    - Scope of delivery: 2 plastic barbed fittings for 10mm ID tubing, mounting material

    This reservoir focuses on a metal float acting as a visual flowmeter.
    Even though I was scared that the Sanso would be to much for this float, making it just stick to the top all the time, this didn't happen because of the clever manufacturer: the float's channel gets more open to the top, so that even high flow rates will be visible correctly.
    It's hard to get this in photo, but maybe it's visible (the red line shows the channel getting larger to the back, the green line the way of the float):

    As it was with the other reservoir, the water-level shouldn't get lower than a special level to keep the loop free of air bubbles.
    And this is the moment where it stops being all good: This reservoir can't cope with the Sanso's power, so that the loop doesn't get free of air.
    If a Highflow-fan wants to use this reservoir, he'll have to slow the flow down or buy another reservoir.
    Still, this reservoir barely slows down the flow itself: over 270l/h were achieved.
    Of course, it'll work fine with flows lower than mine.
    Some pictures:

    As an added bonus, this reservoir also features a hole for a 5mm LED and a special slot for the cable:

    There's also a video to the Visual Flowmeter:

    YouTube - Tecnofront Visual Flowmeter Reservoir

    3.) and 4.) Last but not least there are the two last and newest candidates: the Challenge X1 and X2 for a maximum of two separate loops for two 5.25" slots each.
    They also feature the flow indicator already seen on the Visual Flowmeter.
    While the X1 is made for one loop, the X2 is designed for two, helping users who want to have separate loops for CPU+Board and VGA-cards, for example, while also showing the water levels of both loops at the same time. As the reservoirs are the same apart from this fact, I'll deal with both at the same time:

    - 146 x 82 x 58 mm
    - G 1/4" threads
    - scope of delivery: two plastic barbed fittings (4 for the X2) for tubing with 10mm ID; mounting material

    Mounting these reservoirs is pretty clever: in the side, there are little holes for the included nuts, in which they can be placed:

    This helps to mount the reservoir securely in the slot with no pressure on the material and as there are no threads in the Delrin, there are no threads that can break - very useful!

    As my benchtable didn't offer a possibility for this mounting mechanism at the time of testing, I fitted longer tubing to the reservoirs and just put them on the table.
    Even though I wasn't sure if the reservoirs would be able to get all the air out of the system, what the Visual Flowmeter couldn't achieve, I was pleasantly surprised:
    Using the slightly different, more open structure, both reservoirs were able get suck all the air out of the loop featuring the powerful Sanso pump.

    And, once again, a few impressions for you:

    And a few more of the reservoirs in action:

    The Challenge X1:

    And the X2:

    And, of course, another two videos, starting with the Challenge X1

    YouTube - Tecnofront Challenge X1 Reservoir AGB

    And we mustn't forget the Challenge X2:

    YouTube - Tecnofront Challenge X2 Reservoir AGB

    When it comes to flow rates, these two newcomers are pretty much the same as their colleagues - both reservoirs could offer a flow of 273l/h max.


    The company Tecnofront succeeded in creating both optically and technically appealing reservoirs, that don't have to hide from their strong rivals.
    They offer pretty much everything and the prices are very acceptable for this kind of quality.

    The prices:

    1.) Tecnofront iTrap Reservoir - 45 €
    2.) Tecnofront Visual Flowmeter Reservoir - 50 €
    3.) Tecnofront Challenge X1 Reservoir - 65 €
    4.) Tecnofront Challenge X2 Reservoir - 65 €

    Concluding, here are all of the reservoirs in a pictured overview:

    Tecnofront Reservoirs are available at Aquatuning.de , or performance-pcs.com in the USA..for example

    Special thanks go out to Marco from Tecnofront.com for offering me these samples.
    Also, I'd like to thank my assistant sonnyboy, who assisted me with this review!

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    Those units look great!
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    Very nice. I have been looking at the Eagle one on Performance PCs, if it is made with the same quality will definitely be buying that one.
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    You should post this in the watercooling forums...they are pretty cool!

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    Hey BM...thanks again for your reviews...I just ordered a new Challenger X1 & a MO-RA 3 9x140mm rad to build a new bench station water cooling system, your info was very helpful
    Quote Originally Posted by Massman
    My definition of 'efficient' is 'it does not suck monkeyballs'. Yes, I set bars low.
    [CENTER]The post counter is not an intelligence meter!

    MAX11L - "It's like a console...with the suck turned down and the awesome turned up" -tet5uo
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