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Thread: How accurate is CPU-Z Core Voltage reading?

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    How accurate is CPU-Z Core Voltage reading?

    Most everyone seems to list their CPU-Z reported core voltage when they post their stable overclocks and I was just wondering how accurate is that reading compared to the actual you set in the BIOS? On the Asus P6T7 I have I'm using 1.375v on a W3520 with Load Line Calibration disabled and my reported load temp in CPU-Z is 1.304v. Is that close to what it actually is with vDroop since LLC is disabled?

    I'm just wondering since it's hard to compare sometimes what the normal voltage is for a given clock when one person lists the voltage reading in CPU-Z as the voltage they use whereas another may list what they actually set in the BIOS.

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    Its accuracy is hit and miss. In my system for instance my DMM reads 1.224V when set to 1.225V, and CPU-Z reads 1.508V.
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    well I believe its about 3 decimal places

    seriously though, it depends on the board your using and the particular voltage setting, the only real way to tell is DMM'in it up

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    the thing that the makes most difference is the mobo, if you compare cpu-z vcore with same mobo they both have the same margin of error, so it's safe to compare.

    some boards are pretty much dead on, some are way off

    of course you should never compare voltages from cpu-z and bios

    some people take screenshot with c1e to make it looks lower....way too much variance to compare accurately, it gives an idea but don't bet your life on it

    btw your p6t have some SERIOUS vdropp LOL
    glad i went with QF. First time i don't have an ASUS mobo. And it will stay like that for a long time seeing ASUS these days

    cpuz on my bloodrage shows 1.216 right now, and dmm says 1.217
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