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Thread: Dell Inspirion 530/530S Vostro 200/400 owner rejoice

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    Exclamation Dell Inspirion 530/530S Vostro 200/400 owner rejoice

    Well i ahve been looking and looking and looking for anything in regards to hacked bios's for the Dell inspiron 530/530s and here is what i found

    The dell mobo is a foxconn OEM board stripped to the bare bone with zero features in the bios and ONLY Raid 1 Mirror.

    well this guy has taken the Intel raid Rom from the foxconn bios and injected it into the dell bios for the Vostro 200/400 and the Inspiron 530/530s.

    this now gives you raid 0,1,5.

    YES!!! finally!! Dell needs their heads examined for not enabling Raid 0, its just f*cking retarded that they didn't include that. wtf good is raid 0 no one uses it and when its only 2 drives its typically slow, and slows your machine down.

    so,, do this via DOS, i NEVER use WinFlash unless i am 100% forced to such as using the dell bios update tool.
    but this fine chap has made it DOS and windows (xp only, vista doesnt work for winflash)

    so, download away!

    i now have 2x 320gb seagate sata II drives in raid 0. thanks god!

    (dont forget to use rmclock to lock in the multi and lower the vcore to it stays at max speed and lower vcore than dell uses (which is way way more than is needed) (use speedfan to control your fans, but its not a simple thing, you need to set the advanced settings in speedfan properly)
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    I think the reasoning that Dell used is that 90% (my made up stat) of people who buy those models don't know what RAID is, much less 0,1, and 5. It helps protect against users fiddling with settings they don't understand and therefore lowers complicated warranty issues. Also, being business workstation type machines they wouldn't need very much onboard storage anyway. But, you can get these computers for real cheap, so its cool to see that you can tweek them into great little machines.

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    So Dell overvolt?

    What is Q6600 stock vcore?.........My crunchers are running pretty hot.
    Thanks for the tips

    By the way, does OP need editing (or am I just up too early?).

    It complains about lack of raid 0 then says raid 0 is useless.........then you say you use it.
    Assume you meant 5 is useless..........0 and mirrored is good
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