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Thread: DFI NF680i LT Tips, Tricks, and Known Issues

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    DFI NF680i LT Tips, Tricks, and Known Issues

    I'm compiling a list of tips, tricks and known issues with the DFI NF680i LT board on my blog...

    When I get time, I'll reformat the article and post it in it's entirety here.

    I'm sure most XS members interested in this board are also familiar with these key threads...

    [First Look] DFI 680i LT NF-680i LT SLI

    DFI LAN Party UT NF680I LT SLI-T2R 1T 3d benching

    DFI LP UT NF680i LT SLI-T2R nears completion

    Victor Wang's Overclocking with DFI NF680i LT

    Windwithme's Memory Overclocking Thread

    Pedro Rocha's DFI LANParty UT NF680i LT SLI-T2R - Mini-Review

    Jonbass' DFI 680i LT Quad Core Overclocking Thread

    And of course, the wealth of information available at the DFI Club Forums.
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