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Thread: Xtreme computer makeover!

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    How gay was that .................

    And indeed, the word corsair Xpert popped up and I kinda lost intrest....

    case was neat though but it would've been better with Ln2 tank builth in and a dual evap for the XFX's. But then again, what would a total computern00b know of Xtreme cooling

    they didn't even replace any parts, they just bought an entirely new comp and case and thats it. Maybe the only thing left over is his HDD with his data on it, thats IT

    Come one, don't even OC it? Use some crap parts........

    "Xtreme Systems PC Garage" would be better, no doubt

    FX 57
    DFI Nforce 4
    Gskill RAM or Geil or something whatever you want
    Dual 7800's or X900's
    Some raptors
    RAID card as stated above
    Dual evaps for the GFX cards, Total LNĀ²'d Mobo, Tripple cascade for the CPU

    this show just blowwwwwwwsssssssssss

    it needs more rappers before they can go all "gangsta"...;

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    lol, that dudes lisp annoyed the hell outa me, ok were gonna gith him a 15 inth flatthcreeen thev,

    oh ya, waht does sli mean for his gaming

    it means his games will have more realism and 3d graphics than ever bfore ... cuz with 2 of these cards, they completley reprogram the game...?

    come to think of it, where is xfx hq? im thinking abou whipping my old compaq out, and putting an hdd from a 6 yr old comp in .... xD
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    Worst s**t i've ever seen lmao seriously was thinking of harming myself to make it stop
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