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Thread: Low temp silicone sealant

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    Low temp silicone sealant

    The best I could get easily ( and Trixxy ) in the UK was gutter sealant which seems, from my investigations to remain flexible down to -30C over a week. I do not know how long term it will work but am fairly confident it will be ok

    However, after some looking around I saw this

    -71C to 350C .. nice big range.

    Trixxy, you may wish to try this if you have not started yet, seems ideal.

    This is UK of course, but assume similar where you live. -71C is -96F if i got my conversion right



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    You can also consider Agro sealant. It's industrial grade and works quite well both indoors and outdoors.

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    try silicone based conformal it will hold to ln2 temps just fine. can bench with a river on card or board I just build dams with eraser around dim slots socket and pci. just keep the conformal out of pci slots socket and dim slots and power/reset/cmos buttons.

    can bench with ICEBERGS once applied properly however RMA is out of the question once prepped.

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