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Thread: Just Had A Great Few Hours

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    Just Had A Great Few Hours

    Just had a brilliant few hours going over old times( i was a very active member 20 or so years ago ) some of the threads brought so many happy memories back i had tears in my eyes. I am not going to start mentioning names if you was about in that era you will know who you are who were insparational in my efforts. At the time did great on 3Dmark all versions , Folded for team as best as i could , did all other benchmarks too . you young guns today have got some terriffic hardware i hope you take care of it as it is well beyond my expenditure now . Back then i would think nothing of volt modding a 450quid graphics card prolly well over a grands worth today. Dunno if it is on here but i did get a comment of the OC God Macci for creating a 24/7 phase change rig .... Please find time to find the Duallie Rig thread where i took some cheap XP chips via mods to very expensive MP chips ... I have rabbited on enough but thanks for a good evening take care everyone

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    I feels good, eh? Reminiscing on simpler times - well, simpler in some ways (life in general), far harder in others (vmodding needing to be a general skill, as an example :p ).

    Your nick doesn't ring a bell with me, but I'm often here (not logged in, just browsing the archives from my phone) as this is the only forum from back then that both wasn't toxic and still exists.
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