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Thread: Anybody else here already putting money away for the upcoming RTX 4090?

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    Anybody else here already putting money away for the upcoming RTX 4090?

    Since the October launch time frame is MOSTLY confirmed now, I immediately set aside 3000 bucks to grab on launch day, along with a solid HX1000i if it gets updated to PCIe 5.0 video power (or if the GPU comes with adapter, will et current HX1000i for no wait time). Current rumor puts RTX 4090 at starting prices between $1500-up to possible $1800 for custom cards like Asus and Gigabyte release for upclocked versions. It IS possible will put the MSRP high, but much and is the reasion I over-allocated funds, just in cae. I'm specifically targeting a Founders Edition for base line stability and Nvdia reference design.

    The odds are VERY high that this launch will be immensely smoother than 3090 launch, even though i lucked out and snagged my PNY on launch day. The market has stabilized tremendously and Nvidia is taking many active steps to ensure availability broadly on launch day. Miners are abandoning mining rigs in droves, and Nvidia learned well from the botched 3080/3090 launch to cut out scalpers.

    I will be installing it into my current rig listed in my profile as a temporary home until I see how the Raptor Lake versus Zen 4 battle pans out for a few months. I'm sure it will run fine as I did same thing with my 3090, puttting into a Core 17 7700K era machine for a few months till Ryzen pricing gained sanity, then built my signature rig around the 3090 in early 2021. I'm just not as fast to jump at a new CPU as I am a GPU as I want to watch the AMD/Intel battle uinfold just a little before making my choice.

    anybody else on pins and needles excitement waiting?
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