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Thread: My lounge theatre and gaming setup is done

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    My lounge theatre and gaming setup is done

    Full build log pics here -

    Getting ethernet cables into the cabinet is a challenge as I didnt want to have a hole at the bottom incase anything fell into it, I have to remove the bottom shelf to be able to reach them and pull them in from the back.

    I5 12600 (non k), 32 Gb 4000 CL16, 3080 Ti FE, Asrock H670 itx.

    Unfortunately I wont be able to blackout the whole room, as I have plants on the other side, but I will look into black out curtains for the window behind the TV.

    I'm also waiting for a bequiet darkpower 12 750 to update the RM650 - though the RM650 is actually fine for this build, I need it for my Pentium test bench / dual box rig as it currently only has a cv550 and I want to move my 1080 Ti into it eventually. And also I'm getting a 4 tb Firecuda 530 with that to add to the second m.2 slot, currently I just have a 1 tb SN850 which wont be enough for my steam library.

    The units were just normal lounge / office furniture with little options from the company for media and theatre installations, I had to source the exhaust grills via importing from the US as you can't get them in the UK.

    The 3080 Ti runs up to 92c vram and 78c GPU with a +200 / +600 overclock vs 72 / 86 on a desk, so its not at all bad having it in a ventilated cupboard, but it means I can't use a high power CPU as well. Setting up a home network took me a good few hours to figure out and get working, but I have full file transfer between this and my 10900K PC now over a 2.5 Gbit switch running at 296 MB/s transfer rate.

    I was wondering about getting and external NAS box, but realised it works better with 2x2 HDDs in each PC in Raid 1, and manually transferring files between both, as this way up to 3 of the drives can fail and I keep my data.

    Also it turned out that my current Aurvana Platinum headphones dont work wirelessly as the bluetooth dongle isnt Win 10 / 11 compatible, and it also messes the TV up as it constantly detects and keeps popping up the connection screen every few seconds, they don't even work if I plug the dongle into the TV, so I had to order a new pair of SFXI Theatre headphones which use 2.4g like my peripherals do. I bought a 4 port USB 3.1 hub for the receivers for the KB, mouse, gamepad and headphones, and the box turned out to be useful for storing a full set of 4 charged AAs that the mouse and steam controller use.

    One problem I found with the 12600 non K after setting it all up is that Intel made a **** move and deactivated SA voltage control on them, so I can only get my ram to work at 4000 CL16 gear 2, and I also tried with my ballistix max modules and its the same, they can't even booth at 4266 gear 4, so I will plan to buy a 13600K after they are EOL and go on sale as I was planning on using the ballistix max modules in this setup too. I'm also going to try and see if I can make a legal claim due to that issue not having actually been advertised at the time when I bought the CPU for a full refund and buy the 13600K on launch, but I doubt Intel will cave in for that.
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    Looks like a nice little setup! Well done.



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