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Thread: In need of a suggestion of where to put my server and switch??:

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    In need of a suggestion of where to put my server and switch??:

    I'll try to explain this as good as I can.

    I am helping a friend to setup some cameras in his big metal building. There is a camera setup already there, setup by a company that he is going to cancel his subscription with. We will be removing all of the equipment, and replacing it with his own equipment.

    The server, switch, and UPS are all in a room under a staircase area. It is dirty, hot, and just not conducive to a computer and switch. But, this is where the company wired the 9 Ethernet cables and ports. If I were going to put the whole setup back in this room, I would have to clean, and find someway of keeping it a little cleaner, and cooler. I don't know if either of those is an easy thing to do considering what is going on outside the door to this room, and how it is setup.

    One thing that may work, is that his office space is right across the wall. I could do several things.

    1. I could take the server, and put it under a desk in the office, along with the UPS. Then run a cable from a switch on the office side, through the wall, and into the PoE switch on the other side. That would be an easy fix, considering it would only take 1 wire.

    2. I could bring the server, UPS, AND switch into the office, and then find some type of system to put on the wall to run the cables that are in the other room across the wall, (from room to room if you may). This way, none of the equipment is under stress of heat, and dirt. I just don't know what I would use to run all the cables across the wall with. Something that would be kind of air tight etc. It would need to be able to support 9 cables right now, and up to possibly 24 total in the future. It is not a professional install by any means, but it will be 100 times more professional than the PROFESSIONAL group that installed it. I do like the idea of having everything in the controlled office space.

    What are your thoughts on this? Any help or suggestions of what I could use to make #2 work would be great.

    If you need anymore explanation, I'll try my best.

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    if the PC that is in there is for monitoring purposes, then leave the switch and go with option 1 and set up a security workstation on your easiest drop possible.

    Just remember if you dont have a UPS on both the DVR and the switch you may as well not even use one - neither device will work without the other.

    If the PC is just a DVR for remote viewing; just get a small wall mount rack and leave it in the closet, it wont overheat. Even if it fails early (say in 7 years) with all the money he saved on the sub he can buy one every year and still be off better lol.

    Try not to make it too complex for your buddy - he likely doesn't give a $hi+ about anything other than having his property secure - and once projects like this get overly complicated you start to wonder if it might be better to keep what you got that you know works.



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