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Thread: Hardware advice for an Old School clocker needing compact Server system

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    Hardware advice for an Old School clocker needing compact Server system

    Hey all,

    I used to be into gaming\watercooling\overclocking back in the day but as I've advanced in my career, my job has unfortunately taken over life.

    IT responsibilities rule my world these days.

    I get to play with some hefty network\server hardware on a regular basis, but I'm basically out of the loop when it comes to consumer market for years now.

    Yes i could do the research, review benchmarks, read forums and pick winners, but I suspect many of you already know the best answers and honestly, im just burnt out.

    All I do all day is design, deploy, manage and maintain networks and last thing i want to do when i come is research more hardware lol.

    So help me be lazy!

    The Situation:

    I have 7 clients upcoming all needing major server\domain upgrades.
    These clients vary in size from 250 users, down to only 7.
    All of them need a very similar solution, and my plan is to build a (fairly) compact\portable temporary ESXI host with the following capabilities:

    a) Virtualize any remaining bare metal servers on site
    b) Temporarily Host the legacy systems while I deploy the new network\domain\server solutions
    c) Deploy pre-built server templates via ESXI at a rapid rate, and perform high speed backups every 6 hours. (need RELIABLE, good disk\network IO)

    Now I have access to all sorts of dell server hardware\chassis components in my graveyard.
    But i'm looking for something

    a) more compact that i can move around
    b) is quiet enough\sharp looking to deploy in an professional office situation. Law firms and medical clinics.

    What im looking for:

    -dual 10Gbase-T ethernet OR SFP+ fiber connectivity onboard
    -MINIMUM 16 core, 3.0 GHZ processor (AMD preferred, but not mandatory)
    -MINIMUM 256 GM Ram support, ecc preferred
    -Micro ATX form factor or smaller, maybe willing to go up to ATX
    -3x16X PCIE4 slots (SAS Raid controller, External SAS HBA card, PCIE NVME card)

    USB 3 and thunderbolt 3 or 4 would be great too.

    money not really an object here, it's all a tax right off for me.

    As far as cooling is concerned, i can probably dig up enough components to build a twin 120 or 140 radiator rig to keep noise down. I also have an older (but new) Silverstone TJ08-E case I was hoping to use.

    What i want something in order of importance:

    compact as possible\quiet
    extremely fast disk IO\Networking

    Thank you in advance, look forward to hearing some suggestions!
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    These machines will also hackintosh easily if you wanted to run macos.

    I know it does not meet any the criteria except compact form factor.
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    Id say store it in an environment in that you would be pleased to live as well. Sheds, barns, and the like are not suitable for storing computer hardware.



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