I just upgraded my computer with some new parts. I added a little bit of fun with the Wraith Prism fan for my Ryzen CPU. I also got some good Corsair memory with some RGB. Well, my wife saw it and really liked it and wants me to get some more for the fans and a strip or two. Who knew she would like something like this so much.

Well, to please the wife, I'm going to be adding at least 2 140mm RGB fans. I have 2 front fans also but they are covered up, although a little RGB light may get out of the side panel so, maybe 2 more either 120 or 140mm fans there too.

I don't know a lot about the RGB scene, other than it is just a novelty, and doesn't do much for the computer other than add a little fun. What is your recommendation of places to watch or read about the RGB devices.

What are your recommendations for fans and strips?


It has 3 RGB headers. One is an addressable Gen 2, 3 pin header and the other two are just RGB headers. How can I hook up 2 to 4 fans to RGB? Also, I am using a fan controller, but nothing associated with RGB type fan controller.

Can someone at least steer me in the right direction?