I have a P5K Deluxe with a PSU, CPU, RAM, and GPU. The chip has a cooler on it. Nothing else is connected besides the power signal cable. I have tried testing it with a keyboard and/or HDD, which have not seemed to make any difference.

I am trying to get this motherboard to make it past the first screen of startup. Currently, it will start up, give a single "beep" from the onboard speaker, show the CPU and RAM stats on the screen, and then it says "Initilaizing USB Controllers...".

After that line, it stops, and will sit there indefinitely without continuing with startup. It does not even check for a hard disk. I have to manually power it off. When I start it up, it does exactly the same thing again.

To try to fix this, I have tried removing everything and putting it back together. I have cleared CMOS multiple tiomes.
I have tried multiple different RAM sticks. It will start up in single or dual-channel mode with RAM. I have tried different keyboards in different USB slots. Nothing makes a difference.

I have tested this over and over and I cannot figure out what else to do. What do you think is wrong?