Its Ihile when I didn't WC any parts as last build I did back in the days on Q6600. This days I do use AIO for cpu and standard stock on GPU. With time I did change components and monitor. Now I do play at 1440 with 144mhz. My CPU is 8700K and GPU is Gigabyte Aorus 1080TI Extreme Edition. My cpu is cool as it have old NZXT AIO. Problem is my GPU is getting hot while gaming at around 70'C+. Fans are getting loud and I know at that temps my auto-boost is not kicking in as thermal limitations. Question is now what would be the best and cheapest option to cool all by liquid.

1. Have two AIO for cpu and gpu gpu and if yes then which one(including kraken g12)?
2. Have one loop with 360 rad custom loop if yes then which one(can't find Predator and Phoenix anywhere as its end of life by EK)?

What would be the best and cheapest option not talking about overclocking any of the components as I do use it for video rendering and gaming.