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Thread: AMD Ryzen 3 Chipset and Master updates

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    AMD Ryzen 3 Chipset and Master updates

    Following an update last week, today AMD is providing the availability of a comprehensive update to address instances of software monitoring tools reporting unexpected behaviors on 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen processors at Windows desktop.

    Available now for download, the new chipset driver (version 1.07.29) and the new AMD Ryzen Master (version will enable users to obtain the fix of CPU behaviors and to monitor with updated reporting methodologies. Please note users of previous generation AMD Ryzen Products do not need this plan, and the chipset driver installer will not provide it.

    This driver also contains a beta solution for Destiny 2, resolving an issue in which users were unable to launch the game. Note, to address other software affected, a more comprehensive solution in the upcoming AGESA 1003ABB will appear in production BIOSes for Socket AM4 motherboard manufacturers in a few weeks upon completion of QA testing.
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    Thanks Charles
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