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    Sandberg IronStorm


    There are many options in the budget keyboards out there. Even though the keyboards are average, it's difficult to find a good one. Back in 2015 Sandberg EsportsEquipment introduced its first gaming keyboard: ThunderStorm. Its successor is now ready for delivery. Sandberg are sticking to the stormy name. The successor to ThunderStorm is called IronStorm.


    Packaging & Contents

    The exterior packaging is made up with a card sleeve. It is nicely decorated plenty with graphics,as well as a nice illustration of the LED backlighting.

    Moving at the rear we find a few words about the product in 24 languages right over the bundle contents and the product specifications.

    Inside the box you will find the user manual, and a paper for BullGuard Internet Security 90 days-3 devices subscription.

    A Closer Look

    The keyboard has a normal rectangular design and is rather bulky.

    The IronStorm has a matte coating over the entire body except the back. The keyboard is membrane-based and has elevated keys.

    The jagged edges and top handle give the keyboard a certain appeal and it shows that the design was also important when creating this device.

    There's a palm rest at the bottom.

    The keyboard connects via USB, and is compatible with PC or Mac. The nylon-braided cable is about 6 feet long like most cords, so you can pretty much place it anywhere.

    The Key Layout is fairly standard.

    The space bar is rather large, making it easy to hit.

    I will point out that F keys are in a "good" position, in that at no point did I ever hit them accidentally.

    All of the top keys, from F1 to F12 have different multimedia functions, or open an email client, a browser or even a computer, can be used with the FN key.

    Sandberg IronStorm is a keyboard built on a very solid metal. There are two holes in the center that have the purpose of removing accidentally spilled liquids.

    At each of the corners is a small rubber foot to keep the IronStorm from moving. Plus, the feet do not elevate the keyboard much and bring the keys at perfect angel for typing.


    The IronStorm is an plug and play device. Another modern feature is illumination, it can change its way, you can use a "breathing" effect, change the speed or intensity of light. The keyboard was silent compared to its mechanical and hybrid variants. The only noise generated was from the keycaps as they didn't have a snug fit. The elevation isn't much but this is a subjective aspect that does affect the typing performance in users.

    We didn't notice any discomfort in typing for longer hours. The IronStorm was tested for gaming and typing for a couple of days. In typeracer, we achieved a maximum typing speed of 79 words per minute which is quite close to the scores in mechanical keyboards. An average of 73 words per minute was achieved along with an average accuracy of 94%. Compared to other keyboards, this is a great score since it's nearly the same as the scores achieved by mechanical keyboards. There were no issues observed in gaming as well, none of the keys failed to register even with multiple taps. For casual gaming, this is certainly a great keyboard but for competitive gaming, gamers might prefer something with lower actuation forcea nd key travel.

    Final Thoughts

    When the Sandberg IronStorm arrived, I wasn't sure what to expect. I mean, what can you expect for $45? The keyboard may be membrane based, but it's solid, reliable, comes with different backlight colors, shortcut keys, and many extra media keys. The keyboard won't be able to give you mechanical feel but if the key switch type isn't a concern then you won't have any problem.

    For a fresh gaming rig setup, the Sandberg IronStorm is one of the best budget keyboards you can buy. The objective for Sandberg EsportsEquipment is to supply eye-catching, highly functional and high quality gaming gear to the ordinary consumer who wants to play without it costing a fortune every time they invest in new hardware. IronStorm picks up the mantle of the gaming market's best combination of price, quality and the joy of playing. And that's thanks to the great features, such as the heavy metal plate in the base, media keys, cool multi-colour LED lights and of course the 5-year guarantee and low price.

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