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Thread: Happy Boxing Day!

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    Happy Boxing Day!

    Just bringing a bit of cultural diversity here. Ever since I've moved to America, I've discovered that no-one down here knows about this Canadian calendar staple - so I thought I'd try to broaden a few horizons.

    For all you American's that aren't in the know, Boxing Day (December 26th) is an actual day-off-work holiday that takes place in Canada and other parts of the UK/Commonwealth.

    Speaking only for Western Canadians, here are three fun facts I can share with the uninitiated about Boxing Day:

    1. It's Canada's version of Black Friday, from a shopping perspective. The upside is that the people working in retail establishments at least get that 1.5x hourly multiplier for working on a holiday, which makes their day better.

    2. I have never heard anyone say "Happy Boxing Day" (except in a sarcastic way). There are no no special greetings or customs because, frankly, the day has no special significance to anyone.

    3. It's a horrible day to go out - people are still wiped out from Christmas AND the roads/stores/restaurants are full of people looking to save $20 on knock-off merchandise. Again, like Black Friday.
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    Thanks! I guess I had heard the term, but never looked it up.

    As you would have found out, Black Friday/Christmas/New Years in the US do have genuine deals, but most of us cannot bring ourselves to go to B&M stores! We check online deals, but I guess you do sale trips also for the fun of it; kids have a good time standing in line and doing all kinds of stuff while they wait! It is an experience and a story to tell, two young uns at work waited all night for a laptop deal, doing many unwritable things while they were at it!



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