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Thread: Sandberg Waterproof Bluetooth Earphones

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    Sandberg Waterproof Bluetooth Earphones


    There is a strong reason why music is considered food for the soul. Sandberg Waterproof Bluetooth Earphones aims to facilitate music nourishment regardless of a wet surrounding.

    Here are all the specifications as obtained from the manufacturer's website:

    Packaging & Contents

    The Sandberg Waterproof Bluetooth Earphones come in a nice retail box. On the front there is a large photo of the unit. The overall design is eye-catching and definitely something that would be a nice looking gift.

    At the rear of the box we see a description of the product printed in many languages right above the contents and specifications lists.

    The box fold out to show you the Earphones.

    The Sandberg Waterproof Bluetooth Earphones come with some extra ear tips and a charging cable.

    User guide guides the user on all aspects of using Bluetooth Earphones.

    A Closer Look

    The Sandberg Waterproof Bluetooth Earphones have a decent looking sporty aesthetic.

    They have thick and flexible ear-hooks. The fact that the wires go around your neck reduces any interference that may impede your movements-an issue that is usually prevalent with corded earbuds.

    The earbuds themselves are not too flashy but they don't need to be because the smaller the better. This set is solid black except for the white logo on the earpieces.

    The controls are located on the labeled right ear earbud. The controls allow you to turn them on, skip tracks, adjust volume, and contain a microphone for phone calls.

    The little charging port is hidden by a small rubber flap. When the earphones are charging, the indicator light shows solid red.


    I plugged in the earphones to charge them once I received them, using the charger cable and plugging it into my laptop. From there, I just navigated to my bluetooth on my phone, and pressed the multifunction on the headphones for four seconds to initiate the pairing. My phone recognized the headphones right away and that was it! I was all set to use the earphones. The Sandberg Waterproof Bluetooth Earphones are Bluetooth 4.1, which means they use less energy and pair faster than devices on older Bluetooth specs. In that regard they don't disappoint. They connected to my iPhone right away. The charge was super fast (2 hours max ). Since the very first charge when the earphones arrived, I've used the earphones maybe 7 hours. The battery light indicator hasn't shown red flashing to indicate that the battery is low or anything, and apparently you are supposed to get up to 8 hours.

    The sound performance of the Sandberg Waterproof Bluetooth Earphones is incredible. We were pleasantly surprised at how good they sounded. The music from these earbuds does not feel cheap, and sounds pretty high quality with decent highs and detailed mid range. The volume on these earbuds can be driven up to near maximum volume and they will not distort a single bit. The only thing I felt it was missing was a little extra bass. These earphones being built for activity and mobility it is a good thing that these don't engulf me with a loud bass so I'm still able to be aware of the world around me. Furthermore, the Sandberg Waterproof Bluetooth Earphones come with an integrated microphone you to take hands free calls while working out. Receiving a phone call I had no issues with dropping sound or them having issues hearing me. I was able to walk around my apartment and still kept connectivity so these would be good if you wanted to do things without carrying your phone around. Now knowing these were waterproof I did some research about how waterproof they meant. It said that you can shower in these so I wanted to see if it was true. I took a shower and even washed my hair with them in and they work just fine. Now it was a little weird sounding when a bit of water dropped down in my ear but I took them out of the water and put them right back in. So these will hold up for use near water. These earphones, like most in-ears, are very breathable and won't make you sweat more than average even during more intense workout routines. They do not cover the outer ear, which remains relatively cool when running or exercising. Their ear-hook design does cover a bit more surface area than typical in-ears but it's a very negligible difference that won't raise the overall temperature of your ear by much.

    Final Thoughts

    Not much can be said about the design-it's simple, and it works. Many sports earphones try to attract users with crazy color schemes and alien-like nozzle shaping, and nearly all of them fail miserably. These earphones stick to the proven formula, and we can't fault them for that. The manufacturers also provided two extra sets of ear tips of varying sizes for you to try them on to get the best fit for your ears. These Bluetooth earphones are designed to be entirely sweat-proof which makes them perfect for outdoor runs or rigorous gym use. The IPX7 waterproof standard ensures that any devices with this prestigious rating are protected against water immersion for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter. The Sandberg Waterproof Bluetooth Earphones pass this rating with flying colors, being one of only a few wireless sports earphones on the market that you can take with you under water. The sound quality may suffer a bit, but that's nothing compared to the fact that you can swim with them. The battery features a quick charge functionality, which brings it up to 100% in under 2 hours. When tested with a range of tracks, featuring a few popular hip-hop albums, some jazz, rock, and even the occasional metal track, the high-definition nature of the sound of the Sandberg Waterproof Bluetooth Earphones, became apparent from the first few seconds. The included microphone and media playback buttons worked flawlessly, allowing us to control our music both with Android and OS devices.

    With an asking price of US$59.99, and 5 years warranty these are very easy to recommend. I would recommend this to the active person because of the weatherproof benefit. However, anyone would enjoy this pair of earbuds because of the good quality and fast charge time.

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