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Thread: RTX Problems -GTX 1080 Ti Nearly Sold Out (Forever), AMD Talking 7nm - Tech News

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    RTX Problems -GTX 1080 Ti Nearly Sold Out (Forever), AMD Talking 7nm - Tech News

    Hi, I was going to post this in the news section, but I just chose here instead.

    I was looking around the net and saw some interesting stuff on Youtube.
    It was the News Corner from Hardware Unboxed.

    They had some very relevant stuff so I thought it might be of some interest.

    Here are their Topics

    News Topics:
    00:39 - Further Info on Dead Nvidia RTX Cards
    03:22 - Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Stock Nearly Depleted
    06:16 - AMD ?Next Horizons? Event on November 6th
    07:35 - Battlefield V RTX Requirements Unveiled
    09:22 - Fallout 76 Once Again Ties Physics To FPS
    10:49 - Corsair Launches H115i Platinum and H100i Platinum
    11:29 - Destiny 2 Is Free Right Now

    Any comments please post below...
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