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Thread: It was a good run

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    Quote Originally Posted by newls1 View Post
    to the old timers here might remember me, I started my external watercoolers from this site called the "waterkeg" I learned so much from the members here and owe just about all my knowledge from this forum.. this used to be the most pristine forum on the interwebs in its day..... great community, great people. God, to only go back to my oc'ing days with my "Chilly1" phase changer and fx55/57 3.0ghz + days were so costly and FUN! Never want to see this forum go away....

    I remember.

    And all the water cooling debates.

    I recently got back into enthusiast happenings with my computer and revamping my cooling loops. So much has changed. Made me miss XS and then I come here and see its a ghost town. Makes me sad.

    I see all these new faces on youtube talking about liquid cooling and discovering things we were debating and figuring out over a decade ago like its something new...

    Is this what it feels like to be old?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeltedDuron View Post
    It sucks that a database was lost, have you tried the internet archive, NEOAethyr? If you're lucky it might have saved your thread on Has to be worth a try!
    Yeah I just tried that, no luck on google, it used to be there for about a month after the forums crashed though.
    That's what I get for being lazy :\.

    Edit: Oh and on it's not there lol, not much is on my end.
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    It certainly was interesting to see the Watercooling mod scene disappear in what seemed like an instant. We had a crazy active community back then... It still exists today I guess, but its less centralized and more commercially dominated.

    As many have stated there's just not much to be had in the way of benefits from overclocking that you cant get from a self contained 240 WC kit. I still run a custom loop with WC CPU and GPU. Project Flow still lives today in its 5th full hardware incarnation.

    My learning from this forum and experience building things and modding has helped me immensely in life and I always felt it put me at an advantage in engineering product design. I still "mod" things a lot, but it has more to do with work and my car.

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    Everyone have a great thanksgiving

    thanks for your support

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    XtremeSystems isn't dead; until the spirit of youth gives up on pushing computers to their limits. On then on that day will XtremeSystems truly be dead.
    We the old guard are aging and will some day die. Even if the forum server dies and there are no admins to restore it, the spirit will still live in the hearts of all those who truly wish to know the limits of the machines you have. Though it may go by different names and be staffed by different faces. The desire to push limits and do better is innate in who we all are.

    Some used that knowledge to mine bitcoin when it was 10,000 to the dollar or Fold for WCG or simply try to set a world record. The greatest value we ever had was those that create something wonderful and share with others. We invented, we solved and we made the world a better place.

    Now is the time for the next generation to decide in what new direction to go. To find the new mountain tops to climb and to make an impression to shake the world. Be bound not by the past but by the possibilities of the future given the technologies that are starting to be born.
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    Modern Ram, makes an old overclocker miss BH-5 and the fun it was

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