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Thread: [News] Smaller, cheaper Surface tablets spotted in FCC filings

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    [News] Smaller, cheaper Surface tablets spotted in FCC filings

    Some newly unearthed FCC filings back up previous reports of a smaller, cheaper Surface tablet arriving in H2 2018. Reports from back in May pointed to the likelihood of such a device launching later in the year. Central to the reasoning behind the launch of a new 10-inch Surface tablet, beyond the emerging clues, is that Microsoft wishes to combat Apple iPads in the education market.

    To recap May's lower-cost Surface report, which was published by Bloomberg, smaller and cheaper Surface tablets, based around 10-inch screens will launch later this year. The source said that the new Surface would have more rounded edges, USB-C, have approx 10 hours battery life, and be about 20 per cent lighter than the Surface Pro. The new Surface line would be Intel-powered.

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    So... basically a replacement of the old retired Surface 3 that they had decided to not continue originally.

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