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Thread: new build advice - audio/video Rayzen 7 workstation

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    new build advice - audio/video Rayzen 7 workstation

    Hello all. Its been a while, great to be back on the forums!

    I am building a new machine for the first time in a while. This time for a friend who is a musician. He does multitrack audio mixing/processing and video editing. I am shooting for under $1k. Already have peripherals and good SSD. I just need the mobo, cpu, gpu, RAM, PSU and case.

    I am modeling my build off an HP Ryzen prebuilt available at costco ( I like the specs but I would prefer a better mobo, PSU and RAM.

    Here is my amazon list for the machine I want to build.

    Can you help give me a sanity check on what I'm planning? does it make sense to get the costco build or am I warranted in building from scratch to get a bit better performance, more reliability, and more silent case?

    Thank you in advance for your advice.

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    build your own..

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