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Thread: Noctua Chromax Line Cables

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    Noctua Chromax Line Cables


    Austrian cooling experts Noctua released a massive update to their Chromax line featuring products showcased at Computex 2017. Aside from fans, corner inserts and heatsink covers, Noctua also adds color-extension cables. This lets users fully color-coordinate their build and is available in the same color options as the rest of the Chromax line. There are two main types available: extension cables (NA-SEC1) or Y-cables (NA-SYC1).

    Noctua's new chromax line NA-SEC1 extension cable and NA-SYC1 y-cable sets enable users to take one step further in colour-customising their fans: available with red, blue, green, yellow, black and white sleeving, the cables allow a PC build to be colour-coordinated down to the smallest detail and are an ideal match for the new edition fans.

    Packaging & Contents

    The Chromax range comes in a well designed white and brown (of course brown, it's Noctua!) box. The colour of each item is evident in both the logo and the text.

    The back of each box covers the specifications of the cables found inside.

    The box opens like a clam shell. Once the box is opened the cables are in front of you. There are 4x 30cm extension cables on each extension cable pack, while there are three 11.5cm Y-cables on each Y-cable pack.

    A Closer Look

    The NA-SYC1 Chromax cables are capable of splitting the 4-pin connector on the motherboard, thus allowing the use of a connector to power two fans, a PWM and a FLX.

    The NA-SEC1 Chromax cables are nothing more than 30 cm extensions with 4-pin PWM connectors, giving the modder the ability to stretch the fan cable more while retaining the predominant color they choose to use inside the case.

    Both sets of cables come individually sleeved with good quality cabling with a thin design.

    Noctua's line of color-matched extension and Y cables are available with red, blue, green, yellow, black, and white sleeving.


    Cable extensions might not be one of the first thought of upgrades for a system or PC build and hey, it might not wield any performance benefit, but the aesthetical advantage of having a clean, crisp and clear interior screams WORTH IT to me. With cable modding being pretty big business recently, companies like Noctua have been enter on this particular sector and let's be honest, they have been doing it rather well. While the NA-EC1 30cm extension cables provide extra reach in larger enclosures, the NA-YC1 y-cables make it possible to run two 4-pin PWM fans on a single fan header and to let the motherboard control the speed of both fans simultaneously.

    Noctua has recognized that many enthusiasts are just as concerned with looks as they are raw performance. Of course the option to have cables made to specific lengths, colour combinations and design schematics is very appealing to most. If you have a system and you want to revitalise it's interior look, or just want to inject some vibrancy into your system, then the cable kits are recommended! The Noctua Chromax Line Cables costs EUR 9.90/USD 9.90 as of the date of this article.
    NA-SEC1 Extension Cables EUR 9.90/USD 9.90 EUR 9.90/USD 9.90 EUR 9.90/USD 9.90 EUR 9.90/USD 9.90
    chromax.white: EUR 9.90/USD 9.90
    chromax.yellow: EUR 9.90/USD 9.90

    NA-SYC1 Y-Adapter Cables EUR 9.90/USD 9.90 EUR 9.90/USD 9.90 EUR 9.90/USD 9.90 EUR 9.90/USD 9.90
    chromax.white: EUR 9.90/USD 9.90
    chromax.yellow: EUR 9.90/USD 9.90

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