With Microsoft's push towards a Mixed Reality ecosystem in full swing and coming to the hands of consumers as soon as October 17th, Microsoft would be remiss not to include that which still is their flagship franchise. Earlier reports already mentioned a Halo push towards the VR space, and today saw it confirmed by 343 Industries' Bonnie Ross in a Windows Mixed Reality blog post.

Halo Recruit is expected to be a short intro towards the galaxy, eons-spanning Halo universe, with some of the series iconic characters, alien species and vehicles making an appearance. Developed by Endeavor One in partnership with 343 Industries themselves, details are still scarce on what exactly this experience entails; however, we know users that embark on this first trip to the Halo universe in Mixed Reality will encounter a Warthog, handle Halo weapons, and be side by side with a Sangheili (also known as Elites, whose height starts at 2.23 m). What is known is that it will be a free experience, being available for download through the Windows store, and will be playable on Microsoft retail stores. It will be a short one - expected to only be 5 minutes long - but it should be more of an appetizer of what Halo's journey through Mixed Reality could be. And according to Bonnie Ross, it's likely that we'll see a deeper experience at some point in the future.