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Thread: Need help on something. First liquid cooling setup.

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    Need help on something. First liquid cooling setup.

    Ok, I am doing my first liquid cooling setup using primarily EK Waterblocks products.

    The CPU side is going to have the socket2011-v3/chipset+VRM nickel block w/ CE 420 triple rad
    The GPU side is going to have the titan x pascal nickel block w/ CE 280 double rad

    Looking at eliminating dust from my motherboard area completely, using the Thermaltake Tower 900 case, I am thinking of watercooling my ram as well.
    Using EK's Heatspreaders I can use their Dominator Ram blocks as well. The issue is, should I put it on the CPU side or the GPU side? And where in the loop should I put it? Before or after the other block?
    I am planning to split the stream to the two ram blocks as with the Rampage V Edition 10 board I believe it will be like my current X79 Sabertooth, and have the ram sticks split 2 on each side. So the RAM waterblocks will
    be running in parallel.

    And is it necessary two run these on separate loops or can I put them on the same loop with only one EK-XRES 140 D5 PWM pump res combo. I currently have it priced out as needing two.

    And should I run hardline tubing or stay with the EK DuraClear 7/16-5/8 tubing I have spec'ed out thus far. (Using EK's Compression fittings also)
    Also using EK Coolant EVO (UV Blue for CPU loop and UV Lime Green for GPU loop).
    Any suggestions? Already at over $1250 just for the loop with everything, including two G1/4 temp sensors with displays and the t's and fittings to put them after the cpu and gpu water blocks.
    EDIT: Forgot, using 5x 140mmx25mm yateloon fans for the rads.

    i7 6900K
    64GB (4x16GB) G.Skill DDR4 Kit 3200MHz CAS14
    Asus Rampage V Edition 10 mobo
    1TB 850 Evo SSD
    Geforce GTX 1080ti Reference Edition (MSI) {already bought}
    Seasonic Platinum 1200 Power Supply
    Thermaltake Tower 900 Case (Black)
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