• -Uses advanced algorithms to capture movements of body, arms, hands and fingers with the reduced number of nodes (no sensor on the wrist and chest, just one sensor per finger)
  • -Eliminates sensor drift (huge problem for IMU-based mocap)
  • -Allows for one-click calibration
As they say, there?s more than one way to skin a cat, and to borrow the colloquialism, there?s more than one way to bring hand tracking into VR. Most of the solutions we?ve seen either rely on cameras to track your appendages and digits, or like the Rift and Vive hand controllers (and the Vive Trackers), use a tracked device to determine where you hands and fingers are and then give you a facsimile of them in the VR environment. Finch VR, though, is taking a different approach with its ?Hands? controllers.