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Thread: Alphacool prototypes

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    I wish someone would go back to solid metal blocks. But I realize that the cooling market has moved on to windows and pretty.

    The pump block looks interesting if the numbers test out well. The 2xD5 bayrez that I'm using is getting long in the tooth but the performance drop vs two pumps in series was small. With that connection setup hidden by the plate I wonder how this one will perform.

    I wonder how well my old Cathar Silver Storm would work if I modded a mount to my i7-6700k.
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    With the DIEs of modern desktop CPUs getting small again (despite jumping from single-cores to quads and octas, yay progress), and modern waterblocks contact surface looking about as flat and even as austrian Alps, I bet a Storm attached as direct-DIE would fair very well.

    There is no hiddne sorcery behind the plate of the reservoir I bet. It is just a practical solution to manufacture it from one acrylic piece - drill a path from the outside and afterwards seal it with a plate.
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    Looks pretty dam nice! How's the performance on the cpu blocks though ??

    Another thing I find funny is AMD/Intel would snipe any of our Moms on a grocery run if it meant good quarterly results, and you are forever whining about what feser did?

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