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Thread: Ghost touch

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    Ghost touch

    Hi guys I purchased a zenfone2 from Amazon and it lasted 2 weeks before I got a ghost touch.
    Opened it up aka lost warranty , unplugged the battery , performed a factory reset and nothing seems to fix it.
    The exact model is ze551ml which I happened to see many users having the same issue.

    Seller is from Taiwan . I've sent several emails providing a detailed info of what took place .
    Apart from having to pay a considerable amount of $ to ship it from Buenos Aires to Taiwan I'm skeptical if it'll ever arrive. In case it arrives they are not saying if it's still find / if they will accept to repair it even after it had been opened and how much it might cost. They are also asking for 35 usd to ship it to the US.
    Locally there are no spares for a shop to try to fix it. If I knew whats wrong an electronic engineer friend could make use of the broken part that I could buy in ebay. What would you do?
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    i would have contacted amazon customer service and ask for refund.



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