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Thread: Can I save the settings from an old Linksys AC1900 router to a new one

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    Can I save the settings from an old Linksys AC1900 router to a new one

    My friend seems to be having problems with his internet. When the isp came to check it out they said his router had gone bad. They couldn't get it going and blamed it on the router. I went over there and got it to work but his internet seems really slow. The isp is not a very good one so we both think it is on their side. It is a Linksys AC1900 Wi-Fi Wireless Dual-Band+ Router (EA6900). Well, we have since ordered a new one to replace the other one, (which is only 2 months old) to see if it is really the router or not. If it is, then the new router should do the trick and his internet will work fine again. Then we will contact Linksys and get a replacement for the faulty one. If the router is not the problem and it works fine that is not a problem either because my friend runs a business and can't afford to be without internet for even a short period of time so having a backup router is what he wants anyway. They both just need to have the same settings on them. He does have other things to help with the internet but those things are not good for long term.

    If anyone is familiar with the Linksys AC1900 and how you adjust the settings, is there a way to copy the settings from the old one and put the same settings to the new one so we don't have to go through the hassle of setting it all up?
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    Maybe this link can help you.



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