Building a friend a PC, and it's going to be my first Intel build (last system I built was an AM3+ FX build, not terribly impressed with it, so I'm trying Intel now). However I'm really out of the loop on what Intel has to offer. It's going to be a semi-budget build with a cap of around $1000-1500.

I decided that an i5-4xxx series would be more than enough CPU, but I'm really confused by newegg's offerings and pricing. - I see this i5-4430 for $190 but then this i5-4440 for $185 then this i5-4460 for $190??? i5-4570 with the same clock speed as the 4460, but costs $200?

What gives? Which one should I get? GPU will be an R9 280, or maybe an R9 270 depending on how the budget works out.

I also have no idea what motherboard to get. I've have good luck with Gigabyte boards on the AMD side of things, but don't know if the same thing holds true for Intel.

Thanks in advance.