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Thread: HyperX Predator 2400 MHz HX424C16

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    HyperX Predator 2400 MHz HX424C16

    My tweaking with retail CPU and RAMs at air - up to 1.45 V for 24/7

    I have XMP 2400 MHz HyperX Predator with settings 1.35V and timings 16-16-16-39-2T. This is stock settings for these RAMs

    I tested the performance and stability in Hyperpi 16M with 16 threads together. Some bandwith I measured in AIDA and MaxxMem too. First stock XMP settings. For 24/7 I think, around 1.45 V at RAM could be OK. Remember, inb BIOS settings you have two DRAM voltages! One is for post and second for "windows". Its good set both similar. Sometimes if your boot failed with BSOD, and you dont want higher voltages, the RETRY button help you.

    How perform it with tighter timings at 2400 MHz?

    2400 MHz 15-14-14-35-1T

    2400 MHz 14-13-13-33-1T

    2400 MHz 12-12-12-27-1T

    2400 MHz 11-11-12-23-1T

    2666 MHz settings

    2666 MHz 14-13-13-29-1T

    2666 MHz 13-13-13-27-1T

    3200 MHz settings


    3200 MHz 15-15-16-37-1T

    3200 MHz 14-15-16-37-1T

    Final result for 3200 MHz settings:

    3200 MHz 14-15-16-35-1T

    If you like more results, you can find few others here in my album:
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