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Thread: VGA to mini DP output

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    VGA to mini DP output

    So my work laptop has a VGA out port and I have a Dell U2414H that has a DisplayPort, a mini DP in, a mini DP out, and two HDMI ports (that are already used and connected to two of my other systems).

    I got a VGA to mini DP cable and when I plug it in, the laptop detects that there's a monitor present, but it can't/won't send the signal to it and I was wondering if there might be suggestions of things that I can try or if there's something that I can do differently to get it to work (preferably at the lowest cost possible).

    Help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.
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    You can go from digital to analogue (such as mini DP to VGA), but you can't go from analogue to digital as you're saying with just a cable.

    There are converter boxes that will transform VGA to dvi/hdmi/dp, but they are costly. Depending on the cost, you might just want to buy a new laptop.
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    If you have en expresscard or thunderbolt port you can run an adapter through that with a cheap video card, but we're still talking $100+ after getting all the parts.

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    That cable is meant to connect a display port device to a VGA monitor, not the other way around.
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