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Thread: UPS warning

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    UPS warning

    Hey guys,

    Not too sure who's seen this, but as i know some of y'all have UPSs I thought I'd pass this around!

    24 hour prime stable? Please, I'm 24/7/365 WCG stable!

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    Some are OK, others aren't. My Corsair HX620 only buzzes a bit with a basic UPS.

    But I haven't had that issue ever since I picked up one of these at the scrap yard, just needed batteries which I got for $50 off ebay

    Actually I have two of them... the other runs my Sossaman FTP server/cruncher, cable modem, and router.
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    there are plenty of consumer grade ups with simulated or pure sine which work fine

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    My UPS is stepped approximation and it hasn't ruined anything yet. Hopefully it won't either since I don't want to replace it considering how much they cost.

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    Nanoseconds from Permaban
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    One thing also with the CyberPower, they seem to be rebranded APC units. I got a CyberPower one a few years ago [more like 6 or so ] from BestBuy that was like $100. It's also good against brown outs with the active power cleaning.

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    APC and Cyperpower are not the same UPSs. Cyberpower came along years after APC. Some of the Cyberpower UPSs are OK and some not so much. Read the specs carefully before buying any USP. There is a downward trend in quality and capacity in UPSs IME of 20+ years using them.

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    Thanks for the heads-up. I have two UPSs on my 2 main PCs


    I haven't had a single issue with my PSUs which are


    Thanks for the tip.

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