So, my GTX 770 is on it's way back from RMA... unrepaired (no problem found)

The problem when I sent it off, was that the card would give video output, but the drivers failed to recognize it as a nvidia card. This was with multiple PC's, different configurations. Reloaded the OS, blah blah. Amazing that we put a GTX780 in without changing anything and the drivers picked it up and started going.

I expect 2 things to happen, it will be just as broke as when I sent it off and I will have to rage until I get a real person to talk to. The other thing, is that it will work great for another 4 months and then stop working again.

Does anyone have any advice for either scenarios?

I've dealt with warranty support for other companies before, they all have been so pleasant to work with. Gigabyte's seems sterile, and personless. I imagine it would be great in situations where problems weren't contested, but in this case, it sucks.