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Thread: Help me find a new cpu heatsink

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    Help me find a new cpu heatsink

    Im looking to upgrade to skt 1150 from 775, my old xp-120 has has earned its retirement (i may try and mod it to fit 1150 but it might not perform how i like on these new hotter cpus, convince to mod it to fit if you think its a good idea).

    I dont care about noise i use industrial 12cm dc fans in my case any way.

    I dont care about looks.

    I dont care about weight or price.

    I would prefer top down style as I have two industrial 12cm dc fans blowing down 1 over cpu and 1 over vga located towards the rear end of the case.

    My case lies flat on it its side I have two 12cm industrial fans blowing in, 1 14cm blowing in across the hdd bay and 1 industrail 12cm blowing out on the rear and currently on my 775 I have 1 12cm industrails fan mounted on the the thrmalright xp-120

    but if you can sell me on a horizontal style like appears to be all the rage now, i will listen. I like the down style as it helps cool the mobo vrma and ram and i fear my case fan orintaion may might not work with horizontal type cpu coolers

    I cant seem to find much in the down style range

    Im lookign at a GA-Z87X-UD3H mobo and a 4670k cpu and plan on 24/7 stable oc like i currently have on my e8500@4.0GHz

    edit: ignore my sig way out of date
    K8N Neo2 Plat mod bios 18R2
    athlonxp 3500+ clawhammer
    CAA2C 0506 BPMW
    2*512 GEIL UltraX (BH-5 Chips)
    Msi 6800GT (Cu Cooler)
    74GB raptor
    ANTEC truepower 550W

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    There are various HSF databases where you can compare thermal performance. See Hardware Secrets and Frosty Tech for two good databases. Results might vary slightly between databases depending on how the HSF was tested and the accuracy of the test platform, but the good HSFs always end up at the top of the results.



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