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Thread: Top 13 Signs You've Gone Too Far Cooling Your Computer

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    Top 13 Signs You've Gone Too Far Cooling Your Computer

    13. A. Your house pets attempt to migrate south because the room with your computer replicates winter.
    12. Your cooling system is the sole reason global warming has not proceeded any further.
    11. Boeing contacts you when their wind tunnel is broken.
    10. You spend more on liquid nitrogen than you spend for rent.
    9. A break in the water cooler line floods the basement.
    8. You have to purchase bigger speakers to hear over the fan noise.
    7. Zalman flies you to Vegas once a month for being such a good customer.
    6. The kids are using the heat pipes as a cave to play in.
    5. The cooling fans are causing your desk to hover.
    4. After seeing The Empire Strikes Back you investigate how to get your computer encased in carbonite.
    3. You fantasize about operating your computer in the cold of deep space.
    2. Ice cream left overnight in your office has not melted.
    1. You're causing the Sun to dim

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    Actually cooling in space would be pretty hard as it can be a bit more complicated to radiate heat in a vacuum...

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    Party pooper!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry View Post
    Who's the chick in you avatar
    LOL first thing i payed attention to was the avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by sladesurfer View Post
    7. Zalman flies you to Vegas once a month for being such a good customer.
    Calling BS on #7
    I'm doing science and I'm still alive...

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    Yea. Zalman. They fly you in in a old car with no AC....... Set you you up in a hotel 20 miles from the strip and no room service.

    I call BS on that too.

    Now, if it was EVGA or someone like that............
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