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Thread: ASUS Maximus VI Gene Review

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    ASUS Maximus VI Gene Review


    ? LGA1150 socket for 4th Generation Intel?Core? i7/ i5/ i3/ Pentium? / Celeron? Processors
    ? Intel? Z87 Express Chipset
    ? SupremeFX - Supremacy through discrete-caliber audio
    ? Sonic Radar - Scan and detect to dominate
    ? mPCIe Combo II - Extra connections with new gen support
    ? Extreme Engine Digi+ III - Hardcore power delivery with premium components
    ? GameFirst II + Intel LAN - Put Your Frags First
    ? RAMDisk - Double up on speed with RAM

    The specification of the products can be found =

    The Box and the Packaging:

    The box Design for the Z87 ASUS ROG is the same, a red colored box Style where the Motherboard Features shows on the fronts of it and the Specifications on the back side of it.
    Inside the box I found the following:
    ? User's manual
    ? I/O Shield
    ? 6 x SATA 6Gb/s cables
    ? 1 x SLI bridge
    ? 1 x Q-connector (2 in 1)
    ? 1 x 12 in 1 ROG Cable Label
    ? 1 x mPCIe Combo II expansion card
    ? 1 x ROG Door Hanger
    The Motherboard:

    ASUS Maximus VI Gene is a Micro ATX motherboard on a Red/Black color Theme, the Solid Capacitor on Board are actually 10K delivering 20% greater extreme temperature endurance than generic solid state capacitors, they are good for overall Performance use and overclocking stability

    The new Intel 1150 CPU Socket Section on Maximus VI gene motherboard can support Haswell CPU?s Like Core i7 4770K and they are controlled by Extreme Engine Digi+ III which is the new ASUS DIGI+ VRM ? 8+2 Phase digital power design to provide overclocking and efficiency options to it.
    ASUS got NexFET? Power Block MOSFET and 60A BlackWing Chokes near the CPU Socket, thos components functions to regulates the required voltages on board to supply the highest stability and precision for the CPU and memory. this way the motherboard saves power in order to reach up to 90% power efficiency to save money .

    There are 4x DDR3 DIMMs on Board that can holds up to 32GB total RAM with DDR3 3000+MHz Speeds

    the motherboard have 6 x SATA 6Gb/s ports in Red color which is controlled by Intel Z87 and 2xSATA ports 6Gb/s ports in red color which is controlled by ASMedia ASM1061 Controller , all on board SATA are 6Gb/s Speeds.

    there are 2x PCIe 3.0 x16 Slots which can run as single x16 or dual x8 in case of Crossfire or SLI use and 1x PCIe 2.0 x4 Slot running on X4 mode , here you can also see the new SupremeFX Sound Chipset featureing the 115db SNR

    the Rear I/O Panel got 1 x HDMI,1 x LAN (RJ45) port(s),6 x USB 3.0 (blue),4 x USB 2.0 ,1 x Optical S/PDIF out,6 x Audio jacks,1 x Clear CMOS buttons,1 x ROG Connect On/ Off switches

    Stay Tuned for the rest of the review
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    Bought this on launch, still haven't used it yet (waiting for Waterblocks to come out near end of July).

    -Project Sakura-
    Intel i7 860 @ 4.0Ghz, Asus Maximus III Formula, 8GB G-Skill Ripjaws X F3 (@ 1600Mhz), 2x GTX 295 Quad SLI
    2x 120GB OCZ Vertex 2 RAID 0, OCZ ZX 1000W, NZXT Phantom (Pink), Dell SX2210T Touch Screen, Windows 8.1 Pro

    Koolance RP-401X2 1.1 (w/ Swiftech MCP35X), XSPC EX420, XSPC X-Flow 240, DT Sniper, EK-FC 295s (w/ RAM Blocks), Enzotech M3F Mosfet+NB/SB

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    Its a fun Motherboard. Been playing it with it for a few hours now.

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    nice review man

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    sorry for the Wait , i got to get the new Intel 4770K CPU before running anything :P : here is the BIOS Screenshots and currently iam benchmarking the Motherbaords and ill post the results in a while.

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    F12 will give you BIOS screenshots m8
    MB Reviewer for HWC
    Team OCX Bench Team

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    I know that , but iam too lazy to do it yesterday ,, but its done now ,,Photos updated in the previous post

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    The following below is testing setup:

    Benchmark Apps:
    • 3DMark : Fire Strike EXTREME
    • 3DMark 11
    • 3Dmark Vantage
    • PCMark 7
    • CiniBench R11.5
    • Passmark 7
    • Winrar
    • 7-Zip
    • X264 HD Encoding
    • Geekbench 2.1
    • Nova Bench 3
    • wPrime 32M
    • SuperPi 32M

    Overclocking and temperatures:

    Using ASUS AISuite III that came with the Motherboard , there is a DIP+4 Function that do Auto Overclocking for you , which exactly what we used to do , and it posted at 4.6Ghz Speed automatically , honestly we spend a lot of time trying for more than 4.6Ghz stable but we couldn’t achieved it , temperatures hits below 33c during idle in a room of 22c temperature and 78c on load while overclocking and 65c while in stock clocks


    Final Thoughts:

    ASUS Maximus VI Gene Motherboard Features the Extreme Engine III the same engine of Maximus VI Extreme in a Micro ATX board is must have , not only that , but it also support running dual Graphics Cards for SLI/Crossfire Setup on it.
    Best Features we encountered and was very useful on board was the SupremeFX it highlight’s the SONIC RADAR that enables the gamers to see through the sounds in game , mPCIe Combo II where we able to install a WIFI+BT Card and the Extreme Engine Digi+ III where we able to achieve good overclocking results because of it.
    In overall, Asus Maximus VI Gene is one micro ATX motherboard that let gamers owns all the time in Lan Parties

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