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Thread: Asus unveils single greatest mini-itx board ever

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    Quote Originally Posted by hokiealumnus View Post
    Let's think about that one for a moment. You want to replace the mPCIe card with an ethernet card that requires a bracket to go in the (often single, sometimes dual) PCIe slot instead of a GPU? Now, I may be wrong, but most of the people that buy this level of mITX board will probably want to run an enthusiast GPU, no? The biggest mITX-designed cases have two PCIe slots. I suppose I'm confused why you would consider giving up a precious PCIe slot for a second ethernet port. If running a discrete GPU isn't on the menu, it would seem wiser to go with a cheaper mITX board and just use a PCIe ethernet card.
    Caselabs s3 has 3 and nothing forces me to put the port in a pci slot.

    The real question is if it is possible to use this card with the integrated one to get 2GB/s or if after it is all done I will just end up with two separate 1GB/s lines.
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