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Thread: Access Same Partition From 2 Different Machines?

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    Access Same Partition From 2 Different Machines?

    Ok i have a question for server and it experts.

    I will have 2 debian servers on the same local area network where no routable protocol flows. There will also one external disk controller (storage) that these machines connected through fiber. One server will write on a partition on external storage and other will read from there.

    i found these and gfs2 seems to work for me but if no how can make this happen? or if this works is still there a better solution for debian?

    Thank you.
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    Not sure what you're trying to do. It sounds like you want both servers to access a directory. If that's the case, why not stick with NFS? If you need block level access, perhaps use ISCSI? I have no idea how to set that up, but there's plenty of documentation on the website, or if you can have your target & initiator on the same machine.

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    you need a specific controler on and disk array for iscsi.
    if you want to do clustering.
    you need to be really more specific on your hardware, but if you can see your array partitions from both server, i guess you just need to mount it with gfs.

    be really carefull because simultaneous access to partitions is tricky
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