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Thread: AMD to launch Volcanic Islands GPU (HD8000s) in 2013

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    There goes the 512 bit memory bus rumour again, even if AMD wanted to use a 512 bit memory bus and want to pit against the Titan, shouldn't they increase the VRAM to 8GB instead of 4GB?

    But yet again, that site looks unreliable so I'll take it as a grain of salt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ace123 View Post
    I just post what I find lol
    It's best to understand what you're really spreading, no ?

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    Absolutely impossible on 28nm.

    4000+ shaders would make the chip huge already, but 64 ROPs and 512bit bus and 1ghz clock. Make its enormous and unmanufacturer.

    Heck this would be tough even on 20nm.
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    Man this was a great thread,
    Originally Posted by motown_steve
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