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Thread: Iwill ZmaxDP and ZmaxD2 generic PSU mod.

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    Iwill ZmaxDP and ZmaxD2 generic PSU mod.

    Hello there, many barebone pcs have inadequate psus for todays standards or in worst case, the original psu has blown and you cannot find to buy another one.I was in a similar condition with my iwill red qube and the solution was easy .Please note that the generic psu has more height than the original one so you have to fold the aluminium part for the new psu to fit.The width is the same and the depth is no problem as it can hang out more than the older part using longer screws.

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    Sorry for the necro bump, but I ran into this issue with my Iwill ZMAXDP. I just replaced the internals of the power supply with a new FSP Flex-ATX power supply to maintain the original look/fit. See here:



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