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Thread: How to rename files in windows?

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    How to rename files in windows?

    So I have files that are called let say

    Trip to (Canada).jpg
    Trip to (Canada 2).jpg
    Trip to (Canada 3).jpg

    And I want to rename all of them in just one step to

    Trip to [Canada].jpg
    Trip to [Canada 2].jpg
    Trip to [Canada 3].jpg

    What program can I use to change all ( and ) to [ and ] ?

    I will really appreciate your help

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    I'm unsure of exactly what it is you're wanting, but typically the easiest way to rename several files at once is to select all the files, right click, rename, rename the first file to what you want to name them as then hit enter. That will cause them to be named the same with a numbered listing.
    So if you were to name the first "Trip"
    They would appear as,
    Trip (1)
    Trip (2)
    Trip (3)
    Trip (4)
    "Trip" is the name you give and the bold portion of the name would be automaticlly given when finished (hit enter)
    is that what you're wanting or am i missing something?

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